A doctor from La Plata lost her life in a terrible accident in Monte

A doctor from La Plata lost her life in Monte

One of the shots that participated in the tragic accident in Monte / EL DIA

María Magdalena Harguindeguy, was a doctor, she was 55 years old and lived in the La Loma neighborhood of our city. She was a rheumatologist by profession, she worked at the Evita Pueblo hospital in Berazategui and she also knew how to perform functions at the Mario Larrain hospital in Berisso. Well known in her workplace, the news of the accident that cost her her life, last Friday, caused a great impact.

The incident happened at 4:30 p.m. in San Miguel del Monte, on Route 41, near Estancia La Laguna, when the Chevrolet Meriva that Harguindeguy was driving collided head-on with a Suzuki Vitara truck.

The blow was tremendous and its consequences fatal.

According to the police report accessed by this newspaper, the doctor managed to be transferred by a fire ambulance to the local hospital, but three hours later her death was reported.

At the scene of the accident, meanwhile, while the driver of the Suzuki was being taken to the same care center, it was found that the person who was sitting in the passenger seat and, of whom no data was provided, was already deceased.

Twisted iron and belongings scattered on the shoulder and the asphalt tape itself, gave the sinister road a tint of greater pain.

According to a source in the case, the state of Route 41 would leave much to be desired.

There are 378 kilometers between the surroundings of the Samborombón Bay and the city of Baradero, passing through different towns, including Monte.

In the official report, it was indicated that the shoulders with high grasslands present a fair state of conservation, there is no lighting, pedestrian bridges, traffic lights, security cameras or shelters for groups.

The road incident took place at the exit of a curve and its reasons are now the subject of a judicial investigation.

Apparently, there were at least two people who saw the maneuver and that their testimony, regardless of all the expert reports, will be key to determining the mechanics of the incident and their criminal responsibilities.

It was learned that two other cars were centimeters away from hitting the damaged vehicles and that their drivers had to jump to the shoulder to avoid a greater disaster.

The case, labeled as “culpable homicide (two facts) and culpable injuries”, was in charge of the prosecutor Javier Berlingieri, head of the Decentralized UFI No. 1, dependent on the Judicial Department of La Plata.

Finally, it should be noted that the remains of Harguindeguy, who had three children and was allegedly traveling to Tandil -where he was born- to comply with a legal process, were buried in a private cemetery on Route 2.

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