A dream for Björn Höcke

Weidel and Chrupalla depend on Höcke

The Thuringian right winger Björn Höcke should be happy about the result. Chrupalla and Weidel as party leaders are a dream for him and the right-wing extremist “wing”, which has only been officially dissolved. Weidel signed a non-aggression pact with Höcke a long time ago, and Chrupalla’s fate in the party depends largely on the votes of the East and Höcke networks.

Good cooperation: Björn Höcke congratulates Tino Chrupalla. (Source: Revierfoto/imago-images-bilder)

You can already see in the parliamentary group what this is leading to: Crossing borders is not reprimanded, extremists are not called off. After Jörg Meuthen’s departure, this election is the final signal that Höcke and his “winged ants” in the background will be given free rein on all levels.

Successful with application for single peak

Although Höcke pushed himself before the candidacy for the presidency, with which he was flirting a few days ago. At the party congress, however, he behaved as if he were already the boss. Immediately after Chrupalla’s opening, he raised his hand on the agenda on Friday – and then spoke for so long and to much applause about the party’s future goals that the chairman of the meeting had to reprimand him. After that he stormed the stage with each of his requests to speak – everyone else was content with the microphone in the hall.

In terms of content, Höcke also laid the decisive foundation for an AfD leadership entirely to his liking: he successfully applied for only one person to be allowed to lead the party in the future – instead of the double leadership that has been common in recent years. The party has long said: Höcke would like to seize power. His ego, however, is too big for him to be satisfied with a “co” before the title.

Chrupalla’s weakness makes Höcke’s candidacy possible

And here Höcke even plays Chrupalla’s poor result into the hands: If he doesn’t manage to polish his image in the next two years and win new votes, it would be easy for Höcke to withdraw his power and run for office himself.

Höcke’s explanation is telling as to why he is in favor of introducing the option of single leadership in the statutes – but does not want to implement it directly now: It is “still too early” for that, says Höcke, first of all he wants to see two chairmen who directed against the political opponent with all their might.

It is probably “too early” for Höcke himself. The camp, which is only more moderate by AfD standards, suffered a violent smack in Riesa and was – apart from Norbert Kleinwächter’s outsider candidacy – hardly noticeable. Nevertheless, the delegates know that Höcke at the top would be a beacon that would cost them votes, especially in the West, and possibly bury the party.

Höcke and his troops will therefore continue to work on heating up the East-West conflict in the party, pushing away the more conservatives and transforming the AfD into a radical “Lega Ost” – until “too soon” becomes “just right”. . A Höcke application for a structural reform in the party, presumably under his leadership, had already been submitted.

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