A fan deduced the release date of Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is the latest promise to take fans on an exciting journey when the film is released. This one was made public during the spring, and will be the second based on the Dragon Ball Super plot to date. Following its first trailer, fans have tried to figure out when exactly the film would be released, but with little luck. However, if the latest theory is correct, it appears that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero would already have a specific release window.

This theory was elaborated on Instagram by DBS_Chronicles, a well-known account dedicated to everything related to the Saiyans. In it, the user broke down recent information shared by Toei Animation, and it appears that Dragon Ball Super has in mind the release of his new movie in early summer.

The time window was significantly shortened this past week when One Piece made a fuss with the announcement of its new movie. The anime plans to bring One Piece: Red to theaters in Japan in 2022, and the movie is slated for August 6. This means the big movie will hit the fall box office in Japan, and it could run well into winter.

However, Dragon Ball Super It is not going to compete with One Piece, as both IPs belong to Toei Animation. So it could be a winter premiere, but Dragon Ball Super would want to aim for a more profitable opening window. As a result, fans began to theorize about a summer release, and the new merchandise pages suggest that the theory is correct.

As DBS_Chronicles has shared, a few pages of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero merchandise have appeared on the Internet. The items are expected to go on sale in April 2022, so that date seems viable. Dragon Ball Super: Broly already announced its release date in the same way a few years ago, and the movie went on sale in December overseas after the merch hit shelves in November. So if history repeats itself Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is likely to be released between April and May 2022.

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