A French consultant uses the Algerian team to alert on binational players

A French consultant uses the Algerian team to alert on binational players

For the past few days, more and more dual nationals have chosen to wear the jersey of the Greens to the detriment of that of the Blues. Farès Chaïbi, Houssem Aouar, Badredine Bouanani and other players have all chosen to represent theAlgeria.

Guy Rouxa former French football player and coach, believes that the leaders of Les Bleus must be vigilant so as not to leave possible nuggets to go and play for other nations. The consultant is aware of the responsibility of the France team in the choice of players who have opted for a nation other than France.

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According to him, the choice of dual nationals to represent Algeria is linked to French colonial history as well as immigration that this period followed. “There are players whose parents are still in other countries. These boys have cultural and sentimental ties with the country of their parents or grandparents. he indicates.

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Guy Roux understands that these young players can be linked to these countries. However, he recalls that it is up to the French side to be careful about the choices made vis-à-vis the players who will represent the future of EDF. “It’s up to us to be careful! You have to know what you want and select them”.

The observer gave an example based on the case ofAouar. Despite a selection in a friendly match with the France team, the Lyonnais turned to the Greens. According to Roux, EDF forgot Aouar when he was in great shape. He goes on to quote d’Aouar “lost his form and plays a lot less well and that makes perfect sense”.

Aour announced in a German club: the player reacts

Although Aouar is not currently performing in the best possible way with OL, the player denied a rumor who sent him directly to Germany, to Eintracht Frankfurt more precisely.

The Olympique Lyonnais midfielder reacted via a tweet to make things clear about his future. “So some people know before me where I’m going to play next season… It’s great! “. Words, with a touch of sarcasm, which come to dismantle any rumor.

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Last Friday, OL were held in check at home by FC Nantes d’Andy Delort. Returning in the 74th minute, Aouar was the object of a few whistles of certain supporters present in the OL park.

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