A fresh start for Jo and Katrin? Wolfgang Bahro gives hints

That happens in the big GZSZ anniversary episode

In the Anniversary episode is all about Jo Gerner, who in one truly explosive situation is advised. Wolfgang Bahro reports in an interview with RTL: “Gerner is accused of a crime that he did not commit. While he is being hunted by the police, as well as by Linostrami (Matthias Unger) and his henchmen, he is trying to find evidence to to convict the real perpetrator. In doing so, he puts himself in life-threatening situations.”

Jo Gerner can rely on them

In the anniversary episode, Jo Gerner is mostly on his own. But he also has a supporter, as Ulrike Frank (53), who shines in the series as Katrin Flemming, reveals: “More than ever, Katrin is showing himself to be Jo’s ally that he can rely on, in good times and in bad. They’re an unbeatable team that’s at their best together.”

That’s what Wolfgang Bahro thinks about the relationship between Jo and Katrin

So Jo and Katrin fight together against the bad suspicions – and it doesn’t stop there. What does this mean for Jo’s marriage to Yvonne, who has doubts about her husband’s innocence? Wolfgang Bahro also has something to say about this in an interview with RTL: “Although there are always discrepancies between the two, Katrin Flemming is and remains the perfect woman at Gerner’s side. That will now be reflected again in the special ‘Never underestimate a Gerner ‘ show,” he notes. So, in the upcoming episodes, fans will see if Jo’s marriage lasts.

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