A gang of minors caused destruction in the Republic of Children

Destruction in the Republic of Children

A vandalism event was recorded in the Repu with children involved / Web

Five minors between the ages of 13 and 15 were detained in the República de Los Niños, accused of causing damage within that municipal property.

It was personnel from the Guardia Urbana, who managed to hold them while waiting for the arrival of the Police for their transfer to the Gonnet sectional.

The actions were labeled as “damage” and those involved, shortly after, were reintegrated with their family, since they are children who are not responsible for the law.

Apart from the fact that the charges, in themselves, do not merit a situation of imprisonment, age played in their favor.

According to the official report, they spotted him in the commercial area of ​​the civic center, where they would have caused breakages in some gaming machines.

In addition, as if that were not enough, the spokesmen indicated that they allegedly tried to injure the agents, throwing some stones at them.

Without achieving their goal, they also failed to flee, beyond the fact that they launched a brief race with that intention.

In principle, as the minors refused to provide their complete filiation data, the participation of officials from the Undersecretary for Children and Adolescents of the Municipality of La Plata was requested, who, in front of the police officers of the 13th police station, finally took responsibility. of the transfer of the boys to their respective homes.

The situation generated quite a stir within the Republic of Children, which at that time was visited by a large number of neighbors.

Needless to say, no one expected a spectacle as sad as the one experienced.

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