A Ganyu cosplay from Genshin Impact: the ice archer in this excellent photo

A fantasy world like that of Genshin Impact, which has not only created an entire continent from scratch, but has also reworked various mythologies, contains humans, magic and other creatures as well. In this way it is possible to take advantage of a different variety of characters with always different characteristics.

There are obviously humans, but then there are also creatures who manage to take on a humanoid appearance while actually being linked to beasts of another kind. There are tengu, coming from Japanese folklore, but also creatures that were generated starting from Chinese legends. The qilin are chimeric creatures that have been exploited by Studio MiHoYo to create an entire race, from which Ganyu descended. The girl is in fact half human and half qilin, with some characteristics – such as the horns and the blue colors – which descend from that most beastly side.

Ganyu is an archer who fights with ice, so she is well versed in ranged combat and was the first character introduced in 2021. She has had her share of popularity in the past and, despite the arrival of other playable characters, she is nonetheless still used today. Also Ganyu cosplay they have not disappeared, as shown by the photos of Lady Melanori who managed to create an authentic Ganyu.

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