A golden family: Camille Combal unveils a hilarious extract

This Tuesday, October 12 on her Instagram account, Camille Combal unveiled an excerpt from her face-to-face meeting with interlocutors unlike any other! A little preview of the show A gold family before the hour.

TF1 had a busy 2021 start-up full of surprises! First, it’s the announcement of the change of the broadcast day of Koh-Lanta who surprised more than one. Since its start, the new All-Stars season of the famous game presented by Denis Brogniart has not been broadcast either. every Friday evening, but every Tuesday! What disconcert more than one viewer. Same story for the new season of Dance with the stars which runs from Saturday to Friday evening. Always on the surprise side, the first channel decided to unearth one of its old concepts: A gold family.

Camille Combal new face ofA gold family

And for this big comeback, TF1 has chosen to put Camille Combal at the controls of the show, broadcast every Tuesday evening in the second part of the evening, just after Koh-Lanta. A new challenge for the former protégé of Cyril Hanouna who has been on all fronts since his arrival on the first channel. After taking over the reins of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ?, thus succeeding Jean-Pierre Foucault, the latter caused a sensation in Dance with the stars alongside Karine Ferri. With his innate sense of humor, he knows how to put on a show, regardless of the identity of his interlocutors! The proof with this excerpt unveiled on his Instagram account.

A lunar and very funny discussion!

This Tuesday, October 12, Camille Combal indeed made his thousands of subscribers laugh by sharing an excerpt from his hilarious face-to-face with children, for the show A gold family. The opportunity for the host to indulge in an imitation of Nagui, not really popular with his young audience. Then, as usual, he didn’t hesitate to ask some very funny questions to the children, fascinated by this character they are used to seeing on television. “Who do you prefer between your father and your mother?“he said to one of them. And the little boy replied, without even thinking and with disconcerting aplomb:”My father !“A very funny video that made Internet users laugh a lot, especially Artus, Chris Marques or Anthony Colette and Ines Vandamme. Another full box for Camille Combal!

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