«A good combo in the snout …»: Bombo Fica faced Moulian for stating that Mariela Montero was his lover

When Bombo Fica performed at the 2018 Viña Festival, his routine faced an uncomfortable moment in front of the Quinta Vergara public.

In that show, the comedian included a segment starring the Argentine actress Mariela Montero, who appeared performing a reggaeton with a group of dancers. Those present did not like that moment, so it only unleashed criticism.

Bombo Fica and Mariela Montero in Viña 2017.

Now, when the years have passed, Bombo again touched on the subject on the show Star zone, space in which he said: “I do not regret it, the only person responsible for what happened there was me.”

He immediately explained that that part of that presentation had been tried in different settings throughout Chile, being part of his routine “Suspicious la wea”.

However, he acknowledged that many times the Quinta Vergara works “based on another parameter, it has another reading.”

In addition, he recalled, after that presentation, “I committed a lack of respect, a silly thing.” This is because a journalist asked him “what had I felt when they screwed me up”; Consultation to which the comedian responded with an unfortunate irony: “They didn’t screw me up,” which “made everyone think that I was trashing Mariela, and it wasn’t like that.”

The crash

Then Bombo said:

—What are the paradoxes: the following year they all began to bring people, to go on stage …

And immediately he addressed his words to Vasco Moulian, who was on the panel: «He even sent a nonsense, which I want to tell you here live, in which you said that (Stefan) Kramer had raised his wife (Paloma Soto ), and I my lover », referring to Mariela Montero.

“I found him tremendously disrespectful,” declared the comedian.

-I said that? Asked a surprised Moulian.

The comedian said yes, and then added that “at one point I thought I’d wait for you at the start of a part and put a good combo on your nose.”

Given this, the panelist of the program attacked:

“Bombito, and wasn’t it your lover?”

“How could that matter to you?” Bombo Fica finished.

Relive the moment here

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