"a good politician": when Giorgia Meloni extolled, in French, the merits of Benito Mussolini

Girogia Meloni could become Italian Prime Minister on September 25. She appeared on French television in 1996 when she was still just an activist.

She is one of the rising figures of the extreme right in Europe. President of the Brothers of Italy party, Giorgia Meloni is part of the so-called “center-right” coalition, favorite data for the Italian general elections due to take place on September 25.

His campaign was highly publicized in Italy and Europe. But in France, she appeared on television in 1996. Aged 19, she then campaigned for the National Alliance, a far-right political party dissolved in 2009.

A report from France 3put forward by the INA, follows her during the campaign for the Italian general elections of 1996. Her affiliation with the far right is already clear.

“I think Mussolini was a good politician. Everything he did, he did for Italy,” she says in French. Qualities that, according to her, we “do not find” in politicians since her death.

From activist to party president

The young Giorgia Meloni then leads the youth section of the National Alliance in the Garbatella, a district of Rome. Since then, his political career has taken off. In 2006, at the age of 29, she was elected deputy in Lazio during the general elections. She then became Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies and then Minister for Youth in the government of Silvio Berlusconi in 2008. In 2012, she co-founded her current political party, the Brothers of Italy – National Right Center. She has been its president since 2014.

This year, for the general elections, Giorgia Meloni campaigned on pronatalist, eurosceptic and anti-immigration themes. If in 1996, Giorgia Meloni extolled the merits of Mussolini, she is now trying to make people forget this position.

“Decades ago, the Italian right relegated fascism to history, and unequivocally condemned the disenfranchisement of democracy and the infamous anti-Jewish laws. We also unequivocally condemn Nazism and Communism, the latter being the only totalitarian ideology of the 20th century still in power in some countries,” says the 45-year-old in a YouTube video posted in August.

If her coalition wins, she could become prime minister. In 1996, his coalition came in 2nd position. “If we lose, we will win another time,” she told France 3 at this time. The Italians have to decide on September 25 whether Giorgia Meloni will suffer another defeat 26 years later.

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