A good sign of the strength of a title also listed on the Ftse Mib

BB Biotech is a Swiss investment firm specializing in the acquisition of stakes in biotechnology companies. At the end of 2018, the securities portfolio, which amounts to 3,064.2.1 MCHF in market value, is broken down by type of investment as follows:

  • Public companies (99.9%): including Ionis Pharmaceuticals (rare diseases), Gilead Sciences (infectious viral and influenza diseases), Celgene Corporation (cancer and inflammation of the immune system), Esperion Therapeutics (cardio-metabolic diseases), Vertex Pharmaceuticals (infectious and immune diseases) and Incyte (cancers, hematologic disorders and inflammatory diseases);
  • other (0.1%).

It is also possible to buy/sell shares of this security on the Italian Stock Exchange, but the volumes are very low. Of course, things are different on the Swiss stock exchange.

Among the main characteristics of the stock we remember that BB Biotech is among the defensive stocks to buy if the markets continue to fall. Furthermore, these are shares with excellent dividend yields and attractive growth prospects.

Results for the first 9 months of the year

The first 9 months of 2022 have not been very brilliant for BB Biotech. In fact, the company communicated that it closed them with a net loss of 322.65 million Swiss francs, a result which compares with the profit of 141.1 million Swiss francs recorded in the same months of the previous year. Revenues decreased from 187.71 million Swiss francs to 1.26 million Swiss francs. In contrast, in the third quarter alone BB Biotech posted a net profit of 210.28 million Swiss francs.

According to the analysts who cover the stock, the average target price of the recommendations is such as to express an undervaluation of 18.4%.

A good signal of the strength of a stock also listed on the Ftse Mib: the indications of the graphic analysis

The title BB Biotech (MIL:BB) reached a final price on November 18th at 58.5 euros, up 1.21% on the previous session.

During the last two trading sessions, BB Biotech shares have given a good sign of strength. First, in fact, they broke down the support in the 57.9 euro area (1st price target), but then they immediately recovered it. At this point there are high probabilities that the stock could shoot upwards towards the target in the 62.6 euro area (II price target). The maximum bullish extension, then, could go to be placed in the 67.3 euro area (III price objective).

Failure to hold the support, on the other hand, could favor a bearish extension towards the annual lows in the 50 euro area.

bb biotech

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