A government official had to come out to deny another fake news from Clarín

Laura Alonso has the burden of carrying a somewhat particular name and surname that reminds one of the worst macrismo officials, but she is different and works as Secretary of Social Inclusion of the Ministry of Social Development and the newspaper Clarín, when not, She assured in an article that she handled a box of 200,000 million pesos.

Laura used her social networks to clarify the issue and obviously awaits clarification from the medium that published false information with the sole objective of harming the government.

Tweet the Laura V. Alonso
Tweet the Laura V. Alonso
Tweet the Laura V. Alonso

Beyond the fact that with three simple tweets Laura disarmed the fake news of Clarín, in the networks they expressed their support.

Tweet de Adriana Blall
Tweet of #We returned and we will be Better
Tweet de ricardo schwab
Tweet by leandro de souza
Tweet the Daniela Perrotta
Tweet de Diego Martinez

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