A great character from Rogue One will return in Andor 2

The first season of Andor has just ended, a TV series that brought the character played by Diego Luna to the small screen in Rogue One, Star Wars spinoff released in 2016. The show was unanimously appreciated by critics and audiences, being defined as one of the best products set in the universe created by George Lucas. The second season is going to connect more and more to Rogue One and, apparently, will see the return of an important character seen in the cinema.


A great character from Rogue One will return in Andor 2

This is the droid K-2O, voiced by Alan Tudyk. Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy spoke about his return to the microphones of Colliders:

β€œIt will be one of our main responsibilities for the second part. We have to connect to Rogue One, so it’s crucial that we also consider her story ”.

Actually the first meeting between the droid and Cassian Andor was told in the one-shot comic Rogue One – Cassian & K-2SO Special #1, published in 2017, but it is likely that the events will be retconned within the series in some way. K-2O’s role in Rogue One was instrumental in the success of the Rebels’ mission, helping them uncover the Death Star plans and sacrificing himself to buy Jyn and Cassian time. Filming of the second season of Andor have just started in London and will last at least until the summer of 2023. It will therefore be necessary to wait at least until 2024 to see the new episodes of the series on Disney +.

Tony Gilroy has already specified that they will work in narrative blocks of three episodes with a one-year time jump between one and the other, thus covering four years in twelve episodes. The season 2 finale will then connect directly with the first scene of Rogue One, offering a real closure of the circle. The showrunner had already explained how K-2O was not necessary for the story told in the first season and that his introduction will take place in a spectacular way.

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