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Saturday, May 14, 2022 | 08:52

Chihuahua, Chih.- For more than a decade the public has enjoyed the talent of the cast of ‘Grandiosas’, a musical show made up of great voices that have made this project a complete success, currently among the artists who are touring are: María del Sol, Ángela Carrasco, Jeanette, Alicia Villarreal, Dulce and María Conchita Alonso, who came to this publishing house to invite the people of Chihuahua, come and enjoy the concert that they will offer this coming Friday, June 3, at the palenque of the Santa Rita Fair.

‘GranDiosas’ an unmissable show

The interpreter of ‘Una noche de copas’ was visiting this city, carrying out a promotion to personally invite the Chihuahuan public to the concert that she will offer alongside her fellow singers in the palenque of the Santa Rita Fair, and revealed that within the musical show will perform a wide repertoire of songs with various musical genres such as rock, ballad and mariachi.

“I am happy to visit Chihuahua, I came alone many years ago, I had not come to this beautiful land for more than thirty years, the people of Chihuahua are very nice, and I know that my companions are happy to come to the big state, they invited all people to enjoy this show with a great production, with a great variety of musical genres that each one of us who make up ‘Grandiosas’ will deliver, it will be a magical night full of nostalgia”.

“This project began 12 years ago, I’ve been on it for nine, because I took a break for three years, I met the producer Hugo Mejuto with a very nice admiration for us singers of that time, previously there was no one who gathered voices from the seventies, eighties and ninety now with the incursion of Alicia Villareal. Now there is also regional Mexican music for her, it’s very nice to share the stage with great singers, it’s a treat and I really enjoy it, so when I saw the idea of ​​this talented producer I didn’t hesitate to say yes to the project,” she said excitedly. singer and actress María Conchita Alonso in an exclusive interview for El Diario.

What does ‘GranDiosas’ bring you?

“With this show we are bringing to that public that has not stopped supporting us and following us, a bit of nostalgia that is always very welcome in our lives.”

“In addition, we have been living times, not only because of the pandemic, but before music has been made, which is not even music for me, there is really very little that I like, what the new generations bring, to There is a lot of vulgarity and darkness in me”.

“In sexual and sensual matters, it is very welcome if it is done with class and beauty, because many of what they present today, which I do not generalize either, but must be used behind closed doors, whatever they want, but I do not think it is something to share, I see children doing such ugly movements and parents seeing it as a normal thing, and that does not seem right to me.

“We owe to that great public that we have always had, something nice of love, with respect, with sensuality and sexuality, I have always been a person who shows my love for sex, but in a beautiful way,” he said.

A long successful track record

The 64-year-old singer-songwriter has forged a successful career, which continues. She was the representative of Venezuela in the “Miss World 1975” contest, she won the title as the seventh most beautiful woman on the planet. She then began to venture into television and cinema, it was in 1979 María Conchita, she released her first record material, earning the affection and admiration of the public and during the pleasant interview she revealed how she has managed to stay current.

“Today it is very easy to hit something, to be in quotes ‘star’ because they give an artist many facilities, without having a great voice, without being in tune, without even being pretty, so, in this group that we have made up of great We are all true artists, we all have a true voice, because we worked hard for many years and forged a career thanks to our talent, the public values ​​that, today it is very difficult to find true talent, “he said.

fill me with you

“It’s the new song that I’m promoting, which I composed for an ex-boyfriend of mine, which goes hand in hand with a video clip, it’s a ballad like the song ‘Acaríciame’, a song that I’m premiering on Grandiosas, so the next 3 June you will hear it live and in full color at the Palenque”.

He wants to tell his story in a Bioseries

“I have been in talks, but I have not reached an agreement with anyone, I do want to do it because it is important when one leaves this world, the truth is there, one of the reasons that has not materialized is that they want to add things to my story that are not true; I really don’t need anything in my life, it has been very crazy and extensive, many things happened on the tours I had and in my private life, I don’t have to add anything to my story, but I am ready to meet someone who wants to put my true,” he pointed out.

In his acting role

María Conchita Alonso continues to be remembered as one of the Latin artists with the greatest projection in Hollywood and continues to work in her role as an actress.

“I filmed a film in Spain called ‘Vampires’, which will be released on Halloween, it is a film that the idea is to continue as a series, I am in The I Land, a Netflix series, I made another film called Sallywood, participates in an English production, it is a very nice comedy, among other things that I have done in acting, I really stop when I want and do things when I decide and I will continue singing, acting, and I really enjoy being alone “, he asserted.

an altruistic artist

The Vee Faun Foundation, chaired by María Conchita Alonso, seeks to care for and protect the animals of Venezuela, where there is a great shortage of food, medicine and other necessities so that people can properly care for dogs, cats and other animals. Through Amazon Smile for each purchase, the company donates a small percentage to non-profit foundations, they give the options of foundations to choose from, and among them is the María Conchita foundation.

“One in life must do for others what we want them to do with one, we are here to help each other, we are energy, the more we unite, we will be protected and the happier we will be, and if we are happier, there will be more peace in the world , the good ones are more”, she said moved.


“There must be a lot of respect for what people think, do and say, it is the only way in which the world lives more in peace and that there is tranquility, respect, even if we do not agree with others, in politics, religion, With vaccines, everyone has the right to think and choose what they want for their lives”


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