A kidney for an iPhone? Controversial campaign shocks Thailand

Thailand.- A cosmetic surgery clinic in Laos published a photo of three young people holding an iPhone and exhibiting a kidney injury as part of a controversial campaign.

As expected, the publication went viral on social networks by suggesting the exchange of human organs, an illegal practice in almost the entire world.

In the first instance, it was the Southeast Asian country that condemned the controversial campaign that suggested the sale of a kidney in exchange for a state-of-the-art iPhone.

The Thai Red Cross joined the voices of alert. And it is that the neighboring nation found it inappropriate to suggest such an exchange in which the currency is human organs.

In fact, spokesman Sophon Mekthon called the image “unethical.” In addition, he warned that the organ trade is illegal so there will be legal consequences.

It was the clinic of Dr. Nith Beauty who published the photograph on their networks. Realizing the error, they tried to eliminate the trace of him but the damage had already been done.

According to local media, in Thailand “it is fashionable” to buy luxury items or perform cosmetic surgeries accepting the removal of a kidney. In fact, up to 600 thousand pesos per organ are offered.

In this regard, the spokesman for the Red Cross of that country reiterated the risks of this practice, both health risks for the donor and criminal risks for the trafficker.

Organ trafficking in Thailand is reported to be high. So much so that the nation is considered a “base of operations and transit” for criminal organizations.

In fact, the law in that country prohibits donation except between family members and on an altruistic basis. However, there is a realm of illegality, Asia News documented.

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