A letter has arrived at the MINSAL: Colo Colo sends an extensive request to the authorities to increase the capacity in the Monumental Stadium

COVID-19 has been a problem that, until now, continues to affect our lives. Although the vaccination figures and the success of the campaign have been remarkable, infections continue to be no less.

And the Pandemic has also affected the sporting spectacle. In the first instance, after a long period without football, they returned to competition with empty stadiums. Then, over time, fans were accepted and, at one point, stadiums were almost at full capacity.

However, the new criteria to define capacity in sports events have been, to say the least, strange. 10,000 people are authorized to attend the soccer stadiums to watch the matches on each date of the tournament, an issue that is totally detrimental, for example, to Colo Colo, who suffers from the measure since the colossus of Macul is left with a 25% of its capacity approximately. The opposite case of what happens in San Carlos de Apoquindo, which, with the capacity allowed, still reaches over 70% of its capacity.

That is why in Colo Colo they took action on the matter. Thus, according to information from Redgol, sent an extensive letter to the Ministry of Health to request, formally, the review of this measure and that the capacity of the Monumental Stadium be expanded. As detailed from the club, the current measure seriously affects the coffers of the institution.

Check below Colo Colo’s letter to MINSAL

Los Albos formulated this writing in order to “request the revision of the current health regulations imposed for sporting events, which restricts the capacity to 10 thousand people in professional football stadiums”.

“Currently, the mechanism used for assigning capacity does not distinguish the capacity of sports venues, which directly affects the teams with the largest call, such as Colo Colo, which has the Monumental Stadium, with a certified capacity of 47,000 spectators, in contrast to most venues in the country that do not exceed 20,000 seats.

“In accordance with current regulations, the permitted capacity is the same for all venues, which is in contrast to the system used in the most complex moments of the Covid-19 pandemic, in which the authorized capacity was determined considering the capacity of the venues, establishing a percentage that would ensure adequate distance between those attending the event.

“The restriction that currently affects professional football is not consistent with the relaxation that has occurred in other industries, such as the case of Arts and Culture, which, like football, was also hit hard by the health crisis, and that currently has authorized capacity of up to 100% in closed venues, such as the Movistar Arena”.

“Objectively, The professional football show offers better conditions to avoid contagion, considering that it takes place in an open-air venue and that by the regulations of the Safe Stadium and the Presidential Delegation, all attendees are required to have their mobility pass enabled for the purchase of a ticket, which is validated when entering the venue”.

“For all the above, We ask you to review this issue, since this arbitrary restriction currently has a significant economic impact on clubs that have border income as one of their main income. In addition, this restriction also affects fans who cannot accompany their teams in the competition, reducing the quality of the sporting spectacle.”

In the case of Colo Colo, this situation has also had effects on the external security of our campus.since we face constant risks in the perimeters of the stadium by people who, unable to buy tickets, try to maliciously enter the venue, causing a security problem for the neighbors, and for those attending the show “

“Since the return of the public to the stadiums As a club we have complied with all the provisions of the authority to ensure a safe show for those who attend the Monumental Stadium every weekend. That is why we hope that this request will be considered for the benefit of our activity and of all the fans who hope to continue accompanying their teams every weekend”.

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