A Little Golf Journey

” Only the best golfers can access this exclusive club. ” These are the first words I encounter in this little golf adventure. This sounds like a really tough challenge and like I will have to make a real effort to be a part of this exclusive company. Sure, I can actually do that, but unlike many other sports games, this is a more relaxed adventure that feels very meditative.

The graphics feel pretty dull for the most part, unlike the other beautiful aspects of the game.

A Little Golf Journey has been marketed as a game that you should be able to pick up when you want to unwind a bit, and it is noticeable very early. From the very first moment you start the game and hear the music that makes you feel as if you are lying on a massage table and should be able to relax. The music is really fantastic and fits the slow golfing perfectly. There is no time here that pushes you or difficult opponents that push you to play even better. It is rather the opposite. Okidokico is more than happy to take your time, even if it means a detour.

There are many different worlds to discover here and it is done in an identical way such as Super Mario World or New Super Mario. Bros Wii where you roll the ball from hole to hole and then choose which course you want to play. Just like in these classics, there are also secret passages that open up new places to visit. That is why the player is encouraged to look over the whole level to discover secret objects that can open up new holes which in turn leads to another secret. At first glance, it sounded idiotic to force the player to waste blows to collect these artifacts, but it works brilliantly in practice.

It’s not very tricky to learn the game’s controls. Unlike other golf games where you have to choose the right club, timing stroke perfectly and other technical things, it is simpler in A Little Golf Journey. All you have to do is point the ball in the right direction and choose hard or weaker shots and then shoot. The harder the blow, the harder it is to shoot straight, but it is still relatively easy and quick to learn.

A Little Golf Journey
Between the holes, you get to roll your way to the next level in a way reminiscent of New Super Mario Bros.

A Little Golf Journey is a super cozy little game that fits perfectly on the Nintendo Switch. Few games feel more tempting to sit down with and unwind after a long day of work, or why not as a way to relax before bedtime? It is also a really content-rich game with nine worlds to visit with lots of holes to tackle in each world. In addition, you collect stars on each level which then unlocks what would otherwise have been locked places. How many stars you collect on each level is determined by how many strokes it takes you to shoot the ball into the hole. In other words, those who really want to master this golf adventure can count on many hours of meditative golf where you will visit everything from the desert to the moon.

What does not impress is unfortunately the graphics which is a shame. Given how calming the game is and how beautiful the soundtrack is, the visuals really would have been the icing on the cake. Unfortunately, Okidokico was content with a very simple polygon graphic that is not at all impressive, and which perhaps even scares away many who look into the title. Had the visuals been top notch, we would have had a real diamond here and an immensely popular game, I dare say. However, the design, with the diorama-scented theme tracks, is superb.

A Little Golf Journey
The atmosphere is top notch in A Little Golf Journey and only it deserves your time.

Prior to this review, we played A Little Golf Journey on the Nintendo Switch, but it will also be released on PC. If you usually use Switch or PC for gaming (or want an excuse to do so) you should not turn a blind eye to this. It is a really cozy title that will entertain you, but also make you find peace within you. So do yourself a favor and ignore the rather dull graphics and give this soothing golf trip a chance.

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