A lo Paredes: the scorer explains the hegemony of Colo Colo against the U

If there is a person capable of talking about Superclásicos in Chilean football, that is Esteban Efraín Paredes Quintanilla. The former white striker, and scorer of this type of match, analyzed this hegemony that exists against U.

Colo Colo has been undefeated against the Blues for more than 20 years at the Monumental stadium, as well as seven others without knowing of defeats both at home and away. A truly historical fact.

One who marked a before and after in these classics was Esteban Paredes, who got bored of scoring Johnny Herrera in the U-bow and who is the authorized voice to speak.

Precisely the Chilean soccer scorer spoke on DirecTV Sports about this hegemony that exists against the U and, with his touch of spice, explained the reason for this situation in Chile.

Esteban Paredes in Colo Colo vs University of Chile

“I never explained the hegemony we had against the University of Chile. We beat Sampaoli’s team, which was a great team, at the Monumental. Every time they went to the Monumental they had great pressure, with great teams they never beat us. Maybe they entered us. scared “, he sentenced.

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