A man died while dancing in a bowling alley in the center of La Plata

Shock and amazement invades many in At payment after making themselves known the death of a man in a downtown bowling alley. According to police sources, 0221.com.areverything happened inside the dance venue and while the victim was dancing.

The fact It happened during the early hours of this Sunday, in the Record Disco bowling alley -located on calle 3 between 42 and 43-. Witnesses told investigators that the man was with a woman and from one moment to another he collapsed and fell in the middle of the track.

Arriving at the scene, the police realize that Medical personnel were already performing CPR maneuvers inside the placewhich had no effect and the death was immediately confirmed.

The man was identified as Mario Alejandro Espíndola, 60, residing in the Melchor Romero area. As a result of the incident, members of the 2nd Police Station of La Plata intervened, and the prosecutor’s office No. 15 – in charge of Dr. Corfield – opened a case labeled as “Investigation of causes of death”while the experts carried out the corresponding skills.

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