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Dornbirn’s judokas gained Bundesliga experience.

Dornbirn. With the first participation of the Dornbirn Judo Club in an Austrian Judo Bundesliga, the traditional Dornbirn club set a clear example for judo in Vorarlberg.

After 15 years there is again a team from the Ländle that is involved in the Judo Bundesliga. “Although we only took ninth and therefore last place, we were still able to win against Reichraming 5:2,” said UJC President Reinhold Böhler happily.

In addition to Reichraming, Dornbirn’s judokas also fought against the judo teams from Bischofshofen and Leibnitz at the weekend, against whom they only had to admit defeat with 3:4 each. The Ländle athletes lost 2:5 against Burgkirchen-Schwand.

“Our best fighters were our legionnaire from Ukraine, Dilshot Khalamtov with four wins, Gabriel Bretschneider with three wins and Volkhard Stangl, Leon Nussbaumer and Khangerel Batkhuyag with two wins each,” said Böhler. And finally adds: “Despite all the defeats, we can say with our heads held high, we did our best and are already looking forward to the next season!” (cth)

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