A month after Belmondo’s death, his son thanks the audience: "It exceeded everything I imagined"

Paul Belmondo speaks for the first time since the disappearance of his father in September and the national tribute. He evokes on the set of BFMTV the incredible support of the public.

He had not spoken since his father died. A month after the national tribute paid to his father Jean-Paul Belmondo at the Invalides, Paul Belmondo comes out of the silence and says this Thursday on BFMTV “enormously” touched by this testimony of affection on the part of the French.

“We received a lot of messages. Seeing these people queuing until very late at night, it touched us a lot. It proves how much they loved him and how much they needed to say goodbye to him. “Says the former racing driver.

“That’s why I made this documentary about him [Belmondo par Belmondo en 2016, NDLR]: I felt this love of the French for my father and this need to have information from him, “he adds.” I knew it. It is true that it exceeded everything I had imagined. People would tell me every time: ‘We grew up with your father.’ I understood that people had lived with him. It was a landmark every moment of their life. People loved my dad. “

“He had staged his departure a bit”

Despite the fatigue of Jean-Paul Belmondo in recent months, Paul Belmondo was “not prepared at the start”, he confides: “We knew that it was going to happen, that he was giving his last fight, but no one is ready for the departure of a loved one. ” And to add: “Fortunately the organization of the funeral occupies your mind. It allows you to be caught in all this and to move forward.”

It was Belmondo himself who insisted that Chi Mai, the flagship song of the film the professional, or played during his funeral: “Between us, we had hesitated, we were afraid that it would be a bit much. He was right once again: this outing to the Invalides was so moving, so beautiful. on stage his departure. “

“We took advantage of every second”

Paul Belmondo also recounts the last days of the legend: “There was his close family: his brother my uncle Alain, my aunt Murielle, his children Stella, my sister Florence, Pierre Vernier, his closest friend, Philippe and Sylvia, the staff who had been around him for years … We all surrounded him. He really left with his people and calmed down. It was very important. Luckily, he left home. ” Everyone was able to bid him farewell:

“Every day before falling asleep, we would say goodbye to him. We had doubts that the next day he would not be there any more. We took advantage of every second, every minute with him during all these last times”, concludes Paul. Belmondo, who begins a tour with vaudeville Boeing-Boeing by Marc Camoletti.

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