A month after the death of a judge, magistrates gathered in front of the Nanterre court

Several dozen magistrates, lawyers and clerks gathered this Tuesday, November 22, around noon, in front of the Nanterre judicial court (Hauts-de-Seine), where a month ago a judge died in full hearing and a year later a forum denouncing their working conditions.

For Sylvie Borrel, regional delegate of the Syndicat de la Magistrature (SM, left), “we must reduce the airfoil and the hearings at the correctional center” of Nanterre, even “extend hearing times”because there is a “screaming lack of magistrates”.

Marie Truchet, judging to death

“It’s the only solution to avoid burnout or death”she says, in front of signs “Justice for Mary”, “Statistics everywhere, justice nowhere” Where “Who wants to be judged after midnight? ».

Marie Truchet, vice-president of the Nanterre criminal court (Hauts-de-Seine), died on October 18 at the age of 44 while presiding over an immediate appearance hearing. An investigation is underway to determine the causes of his death and whether they may be related to his working conditions.

“It’s the lives of the people we have in our hands”

The case of the Nanterre court echoes the difficult situation of many courts in France. Just a year ago, a platform signed by 3,000 magistrates had created an electric shock and alerted on working conditions.

“Marie died at the hearing, in a dress”: a white day planned in the judiciary

From this rostrum, “what is new is that the taboo has been lifted, the unspoken has lifted, there is a real consensus which is not faked”had told Vincent Sizaire, civil judge in Nanterre and representative of the Syndicate of the Judiciary, during the visit Thursday of the two highest magistrates of the Court of Cassation, Christophe Soulard and François Molins.

“When we have domestic violence hearings, we can’t send it back when we know it’s going to be sent back to ten, twelve months… It’s the lives of the people we have in our hands”told AFP Mariannig Imbert, representative of the Union of Magistrates (USM) and who regularly chairs immediate appearance hearings.

“And you have to understand that Nanterre has specificities because we have big media files and above all a heavy dispute because of the district of La Défense in the department”according to Viviane Brethenoux, regional delegate of the USM.

Other gatherings also take place during the day, notably in Paris before the judicial court.

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