"A moral recognition": actress Laëtitia Milot welcomes announcements on endometriosis

Affected by affection, the actress believes that Emmanuel Macron’s announcements and the vote in the Assembly constitute progress in the fight for better management of the disease.

“It’s a first win.” Three days after Emmanuel Macron’s announcement of a national strategy to better manage endometriosis, and the day after the unanimous vote on a resolution in the National Assembly to recognize the disease as a long-lasting condition Duration (ALD), the actress Laëtitia Milot welcomes these developments on BFMTV.

“All of this demonstrates the will of the public authorities to act in favor of endometriosis. It is important, it has become a national cause today, and that for us is a first victory”, said rejoices the actress, godmother of the EndoFrance association and herself affected by this affection.

“There is still work”

“I received a lot of testimonials from women who were in tears in front of their screens, because for us it’s a first victory. Yes, there is still work to do, but for us it’s a moral recognition, for the women who suffer”, adds the 41-year-old actress, who was diagnosed at 27 after several years of medical wandering. “There, we have the impression of being taken into account in the suffering,” she insists.

Endometriosis affects nearly one in ten women and is the leading cause of infertility in France. Yet discovered in 1860, it is still very little known and knowledge is incomplete. It is attributable to cells of uterine origin which are outside the uterus, and which react to hormones during menstrual cycles. If the condition can be asymptomatic, it can also result in severe pain and heavy periods.

“I risked my life”

On BFMTV, Laëtitia Milot testifies to having had the after-effects of surgical operations undergone because of her illness.

“I risked my life too because I risked a bowel obstruction a few years ago because of endometriosis, so it’s very important for the future generation, that they don’t have to know what kind of situation”, urges the actress.

Due to illness, Laëtitia Milot explains that she “took ten and a half years to have (her) daughter”.

“Now, unfortunately, this disease has won over my fight for a second child. I am fighting precisely so that these young girls do not have to know that”, she confides, welcoming the aspect concerning the training of doctors. in Emmanuel Macron’s announcements. “It’s a priority,” she judges, concluding: “We expect something concrete.”

“We opened a breach”

Guest of BFMTV at the same time as Laëtitia Milot, the deputy La France insoumise of Seine-Saint-Denis Clémentine Autain, at the initiative of the resolution voted in the Assembly, jointly hailed “a great victory”, while saying pay attention to what’s next.

“I would say that we have above all opened a breach, we have put our foot in the door and now we must collectively push it”, for the elected official, according to whom “no budget” and “no timetable” has not been revealed. in Emmanuel Macron’s plan.

“It’s a public health issue, women’s rights,” says Clémentine Autain.

Clarisse Martin BFMTV reporter

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