A nice purge… – Players’ debrief and NOTES (Uruguay 0-0 South Korea)

After a poor quality meeting, Uruguay and South Korea failed to separate (0-0) on Thursday in the first match of Group H of the World Cup in Qatar. A disappointing result for the two teams, which never seemed able to make the difference.

A nice purge... - D

Valverde touched the post late in the game.

And four! After Tunisia-Denmark, Mexico-Poland and Morocco-Croatia, the World Cup in Qatar gave birth to a fourth 0-0 in the match between Uruguay and South Korea, this Thursday, on the sidelines of the opening of the group H. A technically very average meeting between two teams who have stammered their football.

Godin touches the post

Pushed by a large colony in the stands, the Koreans showed an interesting face in the first quarter of an hour with a good technical mastery. A sterile domination against the Uruguayans who are still just as comfortable on long balls and counterattacks. After a first opportunity for Valverde, imprecise on his recovery, Nuez was too short to take back a yet ideal delivery from Pellistri in front of goal.

Despite these fears, Paulo Bento’s men did not give up. In the wake of a very good In-Beom Hwang in midfield, the Taeguk Warriors settled permanently in the opposing camp. The former Bordelais, Hwang Ui-Jo, had the opportunity to open the scoring but his attempt at the penalty spot did not catch the target. A big chance which cooled La Cleste, however close to scoring on a header from Godin which smashed the post before the break.

Valverde hits the post too

On returning from the locker room, the match was dropping dramatically in quality. Missed passes, missed checks, the two teams stammered their football and did not offer much. Despite the appearance of Cavani, the game never took off. The only thrills were Nuez’s tense shot which passed very close to the target and Valverde’s cannon shot which touched the post as added time approached. Not enough to save a meeting that did not keep its promises.

Match score: 3/10

One of the worst games of this World Cup. The two teams obtained very rare opportunities but gave the impression of playing for hours without ever succeeding in finding the fault despite the two posts touched by Uruguay. A very disappointing show when the stands were rather animated. But with 0 shots on target, it’s hard to have fun.

Players’ NOTES

Maxifoot has assigned a note (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Jos Maria Gimnez (7/10)

A clean copy made by the Atletico central defender, who delighted in his long openings to the right wing. He was never overwhelmed by the South Korean attackers, notably making an exceptional tackle in his area to prevent Son from lighting the fuse. A good game for the Colchonero.


Sergio Rochet (5): Muslera’s successor had little work to do. Apart from a successful outing to avoid the danger against Hwang in the middle of the second period, he was not worried. Note a bad raise at the end of the match which almost benefited Son.

Martn Cceres (6): still and always present in the starting lineup of Uruguay, the versatile defender had a hard time facing Son. He contained the Tottenham striker quite well despite a gross foul which logically earned him a yellow card after the break.

Diego Godn (6.5): the stainless central defender passed by Atletico has once again answered present. Close to opening the scoring before the break with a header on the post, he managed Hwang’s runs well by anticipating thanks to clever positioning.

Jos Maria Gimnez (7): read comment above.

Mathas Olivera (6): the left side was much more offensive than Caceres with sharp drills. In the first period, it is not far from offering a Nuez caviar, gone in depth. An interesting activity. Replace 79th minute with Matias Vina (not not).

Federico Valverde (5.5): the new attraction of Uruguayan football had the spotlight on him. Unfortunately for his team, he did not have the desired influence. Apart from a pivot shot at the start of the match and a powerful shot on the post at the very end of the game, we hardly saw him in this game.

Matas Vecino (5): the Lazio player has made an appearance. He never thought of picking up the pace to put his attacking partners in much better conditions. Replace 79th minute with Nicolas De la Cruz (no not).

Rodrigo Bentancur (5): a very neutral match for the Tottenham midfielder. He was content to make the link between his defenders and the attackers without ever succeeding in accelerating the game. A detrimental lack of initiative.

Facundo Pellistri (4): the young Manchester United striker did not contribute much. Even if he was restless and he delivered a good ball on a header badly exploited by Nuez, his match was too poor to shake the South Korean defense. Replace the 88th minute with Guillermo Varela (not not).

Luis Surez (3): returned to the Nacional to prepare for this tournament, the striker from La Cleste still has a few extra pounds which really prevented him from offering interesting solutions to his partners. In this match, he brought absolutely nothing. Replace the 64th minute with Edinson Cavani (not not)which has performed a between more than any.

Darwin Nez (4.5): aligned left of the attack and preferred Cavani, the most expensive rookie in the history of Liverpool was average. Too messy on his shots, he wasted several opportunities due to imprecise passes. The Red however obtained one of the only chances of the second period with a fleeing strike which almost hit the mark.


Seung-Gyu Kim (5): almost no work for him. The Al Shabab goalkeeper can however thank his posts who saved him twice at the end of each period.

Kim Moon-Hwan (6): not very enthusiastic on the offensive level. Nevertheless, the right-back performed well defensively, blocking his lane well against Nuez.

Min-Jae Kim (6): expected at the turn for his first meeting in a World Cup, the solid rock of Naples has held his rank. He got a scare shortly after the hour mark with a slip that did not benefit Nunez. An action on which he hurts his calf but which does not prevent him from going to the end.

Young-Gwon Kim (6): A solid outing for Gamba defender Osaka. He stands out with a nice intervention against Pellistri on the left side of the surface.

Jin-Su Kim (6.5): the left-back was impeccable defensively to contain Pellistri. He lent a hand to his central defense several times to close the Suarez passage on his runs in depth.

In-Beom Hwang (6): a good match for the midfielder of Olympiakos who pretty much dismissed the game in the first half hour. He was effective in the recovery, blocking spaces well against his Uruguayan counterparts.

Woo-Young Jung (6): the Al Sadd player did the job. His power in duels posed problems for Uruguayan circles, who had a lot of trouble getting rid of him. A game of duty.

Na Sang-Ho (4.5): an interesting but futile activity on the left wing for the FC Soul player. His physical deficit, however, played tricks on him against a colossal defense. Replace the 75th minute with Lee Kang-In (not).

Jae-Sung Lee (3): transparent. The playmaker from Mainz did not weigh in this match. On his rare balls, he crashed into the Uruguayan defensive block against which he did not find the solution. Replace the 75th minute with Son Jun-Ho (no not).

Heung-Min Son (5): well and truly present for this first meeting despite his eye injury against OM, the Tottenham striker did what he could with few usable balls. He ends this game with two chances that shook the Uruguayan defense.

Eui-Jo Hwang (4): the former Bordeaux striker has obviously not changed! Despite his interesting activity, the Olympiakos striker still has the same efficiency concerns, such as his missed shot from the penalty spot in the first period. A lack that took him out of his game. Replace the 75th minute with Cho Gue-Sung (not).

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URUGUAY 0-0 SOUTH CORE (mid-time: 0-0) – CdM 2022 – 1st round, Group H / 1st day
Stadium: Education City Stadium, Al Rayyan – Referee: Clement Turpin, France

Goals :
Warnings : Mr. Cceres (57th)for URUGUAY – Gue-Sung Cho (88th)for SOUTH KOREA

URUGUAY : S. RochetD.Godn, J.GimnezMr. Ceres, Mr. Olivera (Mr. Via, 79th)F. Valverde, R. Bentancur, Mr. Vecino (N. De La Cruz, 79th)F. Pellistri (G. Varela, 88th), L. Surez (E. Cavani, 64th), D. Nose

SOUTH KOREA : Kim Seung-gyuMin Jae Kim, Kim Young-GwonKim Moon-Hwan, Kim Jin SuIn-Beom Hwang, Jung Woo YoungJae-Sung Lee (Kang-In Lee, 74th)Sang-Ho Na (Gue-Sung Cho, 74th), Heung Min SonUi-jo Hwang (Joon-Ho Son, 74th)

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