A Paraguayan prison intervenes on the border with Brazil after the discovery of cells "vip"

Thursday, October 14, 2021 | 5:32 p.m.

The growing wave of insecurity in Paraguay and the confirmation that most of the bullets used in an attack by hitmen last Saturday left military units today forced movements in the Government, which decided to close the Pedro Juan Caballero prison, in the border with Brazil, after a judicial raid that uncovered “VIP” cells.

The Ministry of Justice decided to close the penitentiary for new inmates and an intervention that will initially take 30 days.

The jail currently houses 865 prisoners and the Executive intends to reduce its population to 50 percent, “in order to improve its management until it is permanently transferred to another area of ​​the country,” detailed the state agency IPP.

The decision was made after the discovery of “VIP” cells during a prosecutorial procedure that investigates the role of inmates in criminal acts in the border area and, more specifically, in the attack that left 4 dead on Saturday, including the governor’s daughter. from the department of Amambay.

At a press conference, the Minister of Justice, Cecilia Pérez, explained that the decision to close the prison in the capital “will prevent new admissions as well as transfers from other detention centers” and confirmed that “the transfer of inmates linked to the organized crime, in order to get them out of that area ”.

“We are going to report all this to the justice bodies and we are going to transfer all the people who have punishable acts linked to organized crime, drug trafficking, arms trafficking or who belong to any group linked to organized crime,” explained Pérez.

The official explained that the reason why the prison cannot be completely closed is that the system is already saturated, so the plan should be promoted gradually.

“Let’s hope that in a not so long period we can close the prison and build another, in another place that meets the judicial needs of that district,” he emphasized.

One of the cells that the press called “VIP” was that of the alleged drug boss Faustino Ramón Ayala – taken to the Specialized Group – who was “surrounded by luxury and accompanied by a woman,” according to the site of the Ultima Hora newspaper.

Justice investigates the quadruple homicide on Saturday, in which Haydee Carolina Acevedo, daughter of Governor Ronald Acevedo, and another alleged drug lord died.

Yesterday it was known that several of the served pods found at the scene of the attack, where more than 100 shots were fired, had come from the Directorate of War Material (Dimabel), so the Armed Forces made themselves available to the Prosecutor’s Office today , as announced by the spokesman for the forces, Colonel Víctor Urdapilleta.

“The Armed Forces, through the Military Forces Command, place themselves at the disposal of the Prosecutor’s Office, to define responsibilities and clarify what happened. There is a clear intention to make everything that has to do with the investigations transparent, ”Urdapilleta stressed.

In principle, an internal summary was arranged to have documentation on the subject, in addition to the change in the direction of the Dimabel decided yesterday by President Mario Abdo Benítez.

Meanwhile, the Senate approved today to summon the Minister of the Interior, Arnaldo Giuzzio, and the commander of the National Police, Luis Arias, to appear before the leadership of the body on the wave of insecurity that affects the country.

The request was presented by the demo-progressive senator Pedro Santa Cruz and approved by the plenary session, for which Giuzzio and Arias must appear on Monday before the board of directors of the upper house.

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