A PlayStation 5 is said to come with a removable disc drive

The well-known insider Tom Henderson started with insider-gaming.com a brand new website, and immediately promoted it with a new one Report about Sony’s PlayStation 5. The company is said to be planning a new PS5 model with a removable disc drive.

Sony plans PS5 with removable drive

Henderson cites anonymous sources, according to which the new device is currently known as the “D Chassis PlayStation 5 (buy now €719.99)The new model is expected to share most of the same hardware as the current PlayStation 5, but will eventually replace the console’s current A, B, and C chassis.

The detachable drive connects to a USB-C port on the back of the console, and isn’t meant to ruin the aesthetics of the device. The new PlayStation model will probably be similar to the previously known variant. The new console could only be a little slimmer and lighter.

The new PlayStation 5 will be sold both in a bundle with the drive and as a single console. The drive itself can arguably be purchased separately as well, so you don’t have to buy a whole new console should you give up the ghost this time.
According to Henderson, Sony wants to start producing the new console in the middle of fiscal 2023. A total of 18.5 million are to be manufactured, in addition to 12 million units of the currently known consoles, which will then be replaced by the newer variant over time.

Henderson says the console should get its “overhaul” in the middle of fiscal 2023, but a real launch will probably take place in September 2024. How much the new console will cost is not yet known. However, Sony only recently increased the price of their current PlayStation 5 consoles, so the new version will probably settle with the disc variant.

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