A police officer involved in a collision between two cars on the Rivadavia road

A car was turned around after colliding with another in Ensenada / EL DIA

A policeman was involved in a traffic accident, which occurred yesterday in the city of Ensenada.

According to what this newspaper could know, the event took place on the Rivadavia road, at the height of the Hidráulica.

There, for reasons that are being investigated, two cars participated in a strong collision and one of them ended up overturned with all four tires up.

It was a gray Citroën Picasso and a red Chevrolet Corsa.

Immediately, as soon as what happened was reported, the emergency protocol was activated, which involved the presence of several patrol cars at the scene and also a SAME ambulance.

The sources consulted mentioned that there were two injured, one of them a member of the security force, although his health is not serious.

Regarding the causes that caused the collision, it is known that the road has two traffic lanes, so it could presumably be an error by one of the drivers, in some passing maneuver or another type of situation, which must be established.

Although hypotheses have not been ruled out, which would include a mechanical problem or damage to the asphalt strip, the initial indications would indicate that the first track is the most viable of all.

It is known that currently on the Rivadavia road, which has a history of tragic events, the widening and lighting tasks have been resumed.

Apart from the fact that it would be initial works, such as those related to earthworks and flattening of the layout, the presence of different road machinery in the area is, in itself, good news.

With an extension of about five kilometers between Villa Catella and the first urbanized blocks of the city, the Rivadavia road is part of Provincial Route 13.

This communication route presents a significant vehicular flow, especially trucks and other large rolling equipment, which travel towards the Petrochemical Pole or, in the opposite direction, towards 122 Avenue or directly the La Plata – Buenos Aires Highway.


In Ensenada, the Vergara road is the other outstanding access and also has a history of fatal accidents. In fact, this year there were already two. One on April 1, which victimized the gymnastics hockey player, Gian Luca Arcuri, when he was riding a bicycle and was hit by a car and another, on May 26, in which a motorcyclist lost his life fall under the wheels of a truck.

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