A policeman convicted of assault in Västerås appeals to the Court of Appeal

It was in January this year that a speed check near Emausgatan in Västerås ended with an assault. The driver of the controlled car was pushed to the ground and then had a knee pressed against his head and pepper spray in his face.

Was also abused in the hospital

The driver is suspected of being under the influence of drugs in connection with the speed control and after a commotion in the parking lot, he is taken to the hospital in Västerås to be tested for drug intoxication. Once at the hospital, the second assault occurs when the same policeman pushes the driver to the ground and puts his knee on his head.

Incorrect assessment

In his appeal, the policeman believes that the district court made an incorrect assessment and that it cannot be ruled out that the driver’s injuries came solely from him. Several policemen were involved in the commotion that ensued. Furthermore, he refers to the fact that the driver acted irrationally, was upset and, according to the policeman, was under the influence of drugs. Something that the analysis results later showed that the driver was not.

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Here the driver is wrestled down a second time at Västerås hospital. Photo: Police preliminary investigation report

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