"A political act, but not personal": Louis Boyard assumes having refused to shake hands with certain RN deputies

During the first round of the election of Yaël Braun-Pivet as President of the National Assembly, the young deputy from Nupes deliberately ignored the outstretched hand of Philippe Ballard, provoking a torrent of reactions on social networks.

The sequence been talking a lot about her since last night. It is time for the first round of the election of the future President of the Assembly and it is the two youngest who, in turn, play the role of assessor. Hugs, handshakes, pats on the shoulder, the ballot is an opportunity for MPs to greet their young new colleague.

But when it was the turn of RN deputy Philippe Ballard to put his ballot in the ballot box, Louis Boyard, the young LFI deputy who was monitoring the ballot at that time, refused to shake his hand. Applauded by some, denigrated by others, his gesture provoked many reactions on social networks.

But also disbelief as to his real intention to ignore the sign of cordiality from the former journalist who left for Marine Le Pen. Contacted by BFMTV.com, the entourage of the rebellious 21-year-old nevertheless assumes his gesture this Wednesday.

“Not shaking hands with an elected official from the RN is a political act”, explains his team to BFMTV.com, adding that this should not be seen as a sign of “personal hostility to Mr. Ballard”.

Sébastien Chenu also ignored

Because the deputy from Oise was not the only one to be ignored by his colleague from Val-de-Marne. A few minutes later, it was the turn of the deputy for the North Sébastien Chenu not to be greeted by Louis Boyard.

The RN spokesperson approaches the office where the Insoumis is seated this time, while it is Tematai Le Gayic who stands alongside the ballot box. Sébastien Chenu extends his hand to him and the Insoumis withdraws his, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

Louis Boyard withdraws his hand as Sébastien Chenu extends his, during the inaugural session of June 28, 2022
Louis Boyard withdraws his hand as Sébastien Chenu extends his, during the inaugural session of June 28, 2022 © BFMTV / National Assembly

Handshakes to other RNs

On other images, on the other hand, we see the young deputy accepting the frank grip of Julien Odoul, this regional councilor Rassemblement national de Bourgogne-Franche-Comté who had created a strong controversy in 2019 by reprimanding in public in the council room a veiled school accompanying mother.

We also see him cordial with Caroline Parmentier, press adviser to Marine Le Pen, who even puts a hand on his arm.

“It is not targeted on a person, but on an ideology”, explains the entourage of the deputy. “He made the decision to mark his opposition at some point,” it added.

“Faced with the pandemic of racist acts…”

Parmentier, Odoul, Ballard … Whoever it is, “it never pleases Louis Boyard to shake hands with an elected RN”, specifies his press officer. The deputy and his aides have this formula:

“Faced with the pandemic of xenophobic and racist acts, it is enough to respect the barrier gestures”.

The Covid precisely is the explanation given of the sequence by the socialist Jérôme Guedj. “Louis Boyard, when I held out my hand to him a few seconds before or after at the same place to vote, just said to me ‘with the Covid, I don’t shake hands'”, he defended on Twitter before to add “End of story, calm down haters”.

During the second round, no further contact took place between the young deputy and his colleagues, according to the images of the National Assemblyunlike the first vote from which the controversial sequence is taken.

According to our information, the deputy will reconsider his gesture at the beginning of the afternoon this Wednesday at the Four Columns.

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