A raid and two arrested for the murder of the merchant of farm 94

Monday, May 09, 2022 | 4:25 p.m.

In the last hours of Sunday, the Misiones Police arrested two young people aged 20 and 22, who are the main suspects in the death of Cristián Javier Díaz, a 31-year-old merchant from Chacra 94 de Posadas, which occurred at dawn yesterday. .

In addition, a raid was carried out on a house in the Luis Piedra Buena neighborhood, where a car was seized that would have had something to do with the event.

The procedure was carried out by the Homicide Directorate, in conjunction with the Infantry Directorate of the Misiones Police, through an order of the Investigating Court No. 7 of Posadas. The troops carried out a raid on a home in the Luis Piedra Buena neighborhood, where they seized a Fiat car, two cell phones and other items which will be examined.

In the intervention, they spoke with a 64-year-old man who alleged that two individuals with a Brazilian accent arrived at that place and entered with the permission of the owner of the property.

The man explained that the suspects became nervous when they talked about the death that occurred in the Yacyretá neighborhood, in addition to the fact that they entered and left the suspiciously raided site with a Fiat Duna, which would be the same vehicle that was recorded by the CIO 911 cameras. at the time of the crime.

Due to this, the undercover police officers spotted two young people leaving the investigated address, at that moment they took a remís, and the officers carried out a follow-up to the intersection of Quaranta and Santa Catalina avenues, where they were detained.

Relatives, friends and neighbors of the victim approached the house. / Photo: Marcelo Rodríguez

The Merchant Murder

The owner of a small pantry in farm 94 of the provincial capital, 31 years old, was shot to death during the early hours of yesterday inside his premises after going out to answer the call of at least people -apparently hooded- who moments before they arrived at the place.

From the first data provided by spokespersons consulted in the case, it transpired that the attack occurred around 3:30 on Sunday when the merchant and his partner were resting inside the dwelling.

According to neighbors consulted by this morning, Díaz used to attend his business 24 hours a day and for this reason it was common for the locals to come to buy at dawn.

That is why it was not surprising that at a certain moment the couple heard that a person, from the sidewalk, hit their hands.

Given this, the man went to answer the call from a window that overlooks the front of his business, where he received a burst of shots from alleged hooded men.

Frightened by the noise, the woman became desperate, sheltered her children and after waiting a few moments until the shots stopped, she went to the aid of the merchant who was found lying and seriously injured inside his business.

Moments later, after the arrival of an ambulance at the scene, the rescuers found that the owner of the house had died.

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