"A rarely seen nullity" : some netizens disappointed by the movie Spiderhead

Spiderhead, the new film by Joseph Kosinski, is available on Netflix since June 17. It highlights our relationship to consent and obedience. On the web, Internet users have either loved or hated this feature film.

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Available on the Netflix streaming platform since June 17, the science fiction film by Joseph Kosinski, Spiderhead, starring Chris Hemsworth questions the relationship we have to consent and obedience. The actor who embodies Thor in the Marvel series plays in this feature film the researcher Steve Abnesti, works on the emotions, which he stimulates by the ingestion of drugs. He experiments with his research on prisoners, to whom he prescribes substances whose effect may be surprising: from one minute to the next, they are in love, abnormally talkative, or dangerously honest. Through these astonishing experiments, Steve Abnesti sheds light on the problem of men’s relationship to obedience and consent.

“Another dung signed Netflix”

If the film is successful, Internet users are struggling to agree on their opinions. They either liked it or hated it a lot and took care to give their impressions on Twitter: “#Spiderhead another $100 million Netflix dungfrankly, the good Netflix films can be counted on the fingers of one hand“, “Indeed very bad Netflix… There is honestly not much good on this platform anymore…“. Others have more nuanced opinions or outright liked the film: “Still, Spiderhead is something that can actually happen. You have to watch the movie.” or “A part of allegory of our world? Conspiracy movie? “Spiderhead: a rather good surprise.” or. “Many negative opinions, not extraordinary but I liked it anyway for the story and the cast #Spiderhead.

“Spiderhead holds the road for an hour”

As one netizen put it, Spiderhead lasts for an hour then gradually reveals a simple, unsurprising script that doesn’t know how to turn a short story into a feature film, with uncooked character relationships and a final gogolri third off topic. Why Joe?” Nevertheless, Spiderhead went straight into the top spot of Netflix’s Top 10 since last Saturday.

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