A rat appeared in another Buenos Aires school and the parents exploded on a TV mobile

Families from the educational community demanded this Monday again, as they have done since March, a solution to the City government for the invasion of rats in school No. 17 in Palermo. The request is for the school supervision of district 9, and to the authorities of the portfolio led by Soledad Acuña.

Dolores, a mother from the school, showed the image of a rat that appeared dead in the school cafeteria on Monday on the mobile phone of TV Pública. “The leadership of the school made all the alerts to carry out the rat extermination and the families did everything, we wrote notes and letters to the supervision, the ministry and the Ombudsman’s Office, but the only thing the City government does is put up pieces of paper,” denounced the lady and showed the eloquent image.

Other schools that suffer from the negligence of the Buenos Aires government

Common Primary School No. 01 Dr. Delfín Gallo in the Devoto neighborhood, in front of the Urquiza line train station. And his Mafalda kindergarten, too.

School No. 6 OF 10 “Manuel Dorrego” of Saavedra; School No. 26 DE 6 República de Colombia, in the San Telmo neighborhood; school No. 2 DE 21, Eduardo Luis Vicente, from Lugano; No. 6 OF 10 “Manuel Dorrego”, from the Saavedra neighborhood; School No. 16 OF 8 “Dr. José María Ramos Mejía” from Almagro; Elementary School No. 12 DE 19, in Bajo Flores; School No. 4 DE 16 Álvarez Thomas, in the Agronomy neighborhood; Primary School No. 17 Blas Parera in Palermo; and the Comprehensive Kindergarten No. 4 DE 9.

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