A record-breaking Ronaldo shows the way? the Sele??o! – Players debrief and NOTES (Portugal 3-2 Ghana)

Enters into contention difficult but enters into contention victorious for Portugal, scorer of Ghana (3-2) this Thursday in the World Cup, within the framework of the 1st day of group H. Cristiano Ronaldo – scorer on penalty – and his people take the hen’s head.

Record-breaking Ronaldo shows the way

Ronaldo opened the scoring from the penalty spot after the break.

Favourite, outsider or in between? It is difficult to grant permanent status to Portugal before the World Cup. This first World Cup match against Ghana (3-2) was to serve as a test, and the 2016 European champions succeeded.

Without convincing or impressing, they took the three points against Ghanaians who were too unambitious, but who still upset them at the end of the match. What will Ronaldo – author of a new record today – and the Seleo do against a stronger team? Time will tell us. In the meantime, they start with a victory…

A soporific first act

The kick-off was given from the hymns by the tears of Ronaldo, very moved before starting his 5th and last World Cup. A long round of observation followed after the real whistle, then the first thrill: CR7, of course, was prevented from opening the scoring by a good outing from Ati-Zigi. And another when the fivefold Ballon d’Or flew (very) high in the air to place a header, side.

Beyond that, a sterile and purring domination on the Portugal side and a rather well oiled defense on the Ghana side, so we could summarize the first act. Felix and then Fernandes could have ignited it before the break, but one shot over and the other into Ati-Zigi’s arms. Ronaldo hit the mark, but his goal was disallowed for a foul at the start of the action. What about the Black Stars? No shots in the first 47 minutes…

Ronaldo wakes up the Portuguese!

More madness was expected after the locker room. And miraculously, the Ghanaians woke up: Kudus, the main detonator of his team, startled the stadium from the start with a shot that grazed the post. Then the tension began to rise, like the image of this forehead against forehead between Felix and Seidu. Tense moment, and moment chosen by Ronaldo to make the difference: on a penalty he obtained, CR7 became the first player in history to score in five different Worlds (1-0, 65th)!

Sonns, Otto Addo’s men? Far from it: Kudus first tested Costa’s gloves, before offering a decisive pass to Ayew, who took advantage of a big error from Danilo to equalize (1-1, 73rd)! Immediate reaction. But that of the Portuguese was more violent: Felix, discreet so far, gave the advantage to his people on a nice service from Fernandes (2-1, 78th), before Leao made the break thanks to a new caviar from the middle Mancunian (3-1, 80th)!

Bukari revives the suspense in vain

Just before added time, Bukari revived the suspense with a header (3-2, 89′), but in vain despite a final Portuguese fright on Costa’s slide! Without necessarily convincing or impressing, the Seleo succeeded despite all its entry into the running in this World Cup and took the lead in Group H. And the icing on the cake with this record for Ronaldo, whose celebration proved that the group lived very good…

The score of the match: 6/10

Between a very attractive Portuguese team on paper and a Ghanaian selection that is still competitive in the World Cup, we were expecting a good show. We didn’t have it at the start, in an initial period when opportunities and fine gestures were rare. Technical waste was there, however. But the second act of high quality – with five goals scored – allowed to raise the note a little.

The goals :

– Salisu seems to unbalance Ronaldo in the area and the referee points to the penalty spot. CR7 does justice to itself and becomes the first player in history to score in five different Worlds (1-0, 65th)!

– Found in the area, Kudus crosses back. The ball passes between Danilo’s legs before Ayew pushes him into the back of the net (1-1, 73rd)!

– Fernandes launches Felix deep. Baba misses his intervention and the Madrid striker quietly deceives Ati-Zigi (2-1, 78th).

– In the crowd, Fernandes leads the counter-attack and shifts Leao at the last moment. The Milan striker does not need to be asked to transform (3-1, 80th).

– On a ball that seems lost, Baba goes after his effort and crosses for Bukari, whose header deceives Costa (3-2, 89th)!

Players’ NOTES

Maxifoot has assigned a note (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Bruno Fernandes (8/10)

Ronaldo would have made a very good man of the match thanks to his record, but difficult to remove this title Fernandes, author of two decisive assists. The attacking midfielder did not do everything well, of course, but he gave everything. And it is also he who finds Ronaldo in the area on the penalty obtained.


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PORTUGAL 3-2 GHANA (mid-time: 0-0) – CdM 2022 – 1st round, Group H / 1st day
Stadium: Stadium 974, Ras Abu Aboud – Referee: Ismail Elfath, USA

Goals : Cristiano Ronaldo (65th, pen.) Joo Flix (78th) Rafael Leo (80th) for PORTUGAL – A. Ayew (73rd) O. Bukari (89th) for GHANA
Warnings : Danilo Pereira (90+1st), Bruno Fernandes (90+5th)for PORTUGAL – Mr. Kudus (45+1st), A. Ayew (49th), A. Seidu (57th), Williams (90+1st)for GHANA

PORTUGAL : Diogo CostaRben Dias, Danilo PereiraJoo Cancelo, Raphaël GuerreiroBernardo Silva (Joo Palhinha, 88th), Rben Neves (Rafael Leo, 77th), Otvio (William Carvalho, 56th)Bruno Fernandes, Cristiano Ronaldo (Joo Mrio, 88th), Joo Flix (Gonalo Ramos, 88th)

GHANA : L.Ati-ZigiD.Amartey, A. Djiku, Mr. Salisu (A. Semenyo, 90+2nd)A. Seidu (T. Lamptey, 66th), A. BabaT. Partey, Mr. Kudus (O. Bukari, 76th), S. Abdul Samed (D. Kyereh, 90+2nd)A. Ayew (J. Ayew, 77th), williams

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