A robot, virtual reality and surprise in Students: what is UNOvr and how does it work?

The idea of ​​having a model and pioneer stadium in the world of technology and sustainability is a constant search for the Students’ board of directors, which after the inauguration of UNO carried out different projects to stay at the forefront of football. With this objective, in the previous meeting against Defense and Justice A peculiar scene caught the attention of locals and strangers and it is that in the stands of the Jorge Luis Hirschi a robot could be seen dressed in the Lion’s jacket, as part of a pilot test of what will be a virtual and augmented reality experience for that the partners have the chance to be able to watch and live the games from their homes but as if they were on the field.

The innovative project presented by the Secretary of Marketing and Student Partners is known as “UNOvr” and is the product of a commercial relationship between the club and the company PAINT.

According to the Pincha, this new plan is integrated into the program INNOVA studentsthe space that “was born as a source of inspiration focused on the strategic vision of the club” and from which they seek “the integration of sport, education, technology and social responsibility”.

In this search that began approximately 6 years ago, since its foundation, UNOvr arrives to kick the Argentine soccer board. With the new system, fans who cannot attend Jorge Luis Hirschi will be able to enjoy each match with a 360° view generated by a capture device located inside a robotic fan, located in one of the stalls on Calle 1, and thus fans will be able to live the game as if they were sitting in ONE using virtual reality headsets.

The team in charge of the project carried out a pilot test last Monday at the 1 and 57 stadium, generating a pleasant surprise for those present and also on social networks. The institution, for its part, hinted that in the future the idea is that members can obtain virtual seats to watch the Pincha matches even if they are not physically in La Plata, as if they were a few meters from the white-and-white lawn.

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