A round of applause for the grill: who is Javier Brichetto, the best barbecue in Madrid

Javier Brichetto he is very happy. From Madrid, thanked the press who is treating him very well, along with on restaurante ‘Piantao’. “I think it is because of the art of the Argentine barbecue, or the technique. The Argentine barbecue has the quality of being in front of a grill and handling different types of cuts, meat, vegetables … Not everyone likes it the same. So how it is cooked on the embers in Argentina is particular “, he pointed to the air in Cadena OH!

Raised by his grandparents in Buenos Aires, with tango present in the home since childhood, with the name of the place he honored his origins. “My restaurant is not in a central area, but in a bohemian neighborhood that is beginning to resurface. But I sent myself the same and I wanted to give it that name. For me ‘Piantao’ is the definition of romantic madness, or doing something for love “.

The argento detail

“The most remarkable thing is how it is cooked. I would say that we even carry it in our DNA,” he said. What we normally call asado in our country, is generalized in your local food. “I am not referring to cutting, but to roasting as a technique, to cook on the embers. Unlike the Basque asador, which is the most recognized in Spain, which cooks with round iron, with a lot of fire, the meat is cooked on the outside and a crust is made but the inside is almost raw, it is salted afterwards and not before. There are differences. “

Brichetto works and wants to publicize a profession that he considers unique. The Argentine barbecue cooks you a provoletta, chorizo, chinchules, roast strip, empty, everything goes to different points and you have to be aware. “Whenever you talk about Argentina, you talk about football and barbecue, it is synonymous with quality. I have an 80 percent Spanish audience and 20 percent Argentine.”

With an average ticket of 60 euros, ‘Piantao’ has a contemporary grill, with premium cuts of animals from the Argentine pampas. Thus, the recognition of their work reaches our country.

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