A Salvador Dalí sculpture lost more than 40 years ago appeared in Hawaii

For more than 40 years, the wax sculpture “Christ of Saint John of the Cross” by Spanish artist Salvador Dalí was believed to be lost., but it wasn’t. She was in the basement of a collector in Hawaii (United States).

It was the directors of the art gallery Harte International Galleries, specialized in rare works and located on the Hawaiian island of Maui, who learned that the lost sculpture of Salvador Dali it was so close. The collector — who would have purchased it directly from the surrealist artist — was offered an undisclosed sum and is now in his possession.

The wax sculpture “Christ of Saint John of the Cross”.

It is estimated that this sculpture, which had been popularly renamed “the lost wax of Salvador Dali”, is worth between 10 and 20 million dollarsand its discovery was cause for great rejoicing in the art world.

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