A sector of UOCRA La Plata will march again to demand jobs

Members of the White and Blue Group of UOCRA La Plata They will march this Thursday morning to the Ensenada petrochemical complex to claim the jobs for qualified labor that were promised by the AESA company and that have not been made effective so far, union sources confirmed to 0221.com.ar.

The concentration will begin at 7:30 am in front of the Petrocuyo company, which is not involved in the conflict. From there, they will go to Gate 1, one of the entrances to the industrial complex. “There are two large works that endanger their continuity. The company says that it does not have specialized labor, while we have already presented all the papers so that the unemployed can enter with a proven trade,” explained the leader Ivan Tobar in contact with this medium.

The mobilization will be carried out by unemployed workers with experience in several works already completed that were developed in the region. “We ask active workers not to abandon their jobs, to militate by taking care of the labor source, this is a struggle of the temporarily unemployed workforce,” said the referent of that union space.

“They tell us that there is a lack of welders, fitters, pipe makers, while we have colleagues with proven experience who presented everything and they are not called,” Tobar asserted.

Tobar also recalled that “two weeks ago they took several experts who came from another company and were attacked by the followers of (Juan Pablo) “Paw” Medina because they don’t respond to them and those colleagues are independent workers who were at Techint.” As he explained, the new workers are qualified laborers who belong to a company but are independent. “Those close to the Medinas threaten them, force them to record videos insulting our space and they even want to make him resign so that people can be taken from them,” said Tobar.

“We denounced this in the Ministry of Labor of the province of Buenos Aires and the delegate told us that she cannot do anything, so we marched in search of a solution for the workers,” explained Medina’s union rival. And he recalled: “We have 70 colleagues with all the studies approved to enter but those appointments are stopped, while they are taking people from the Medina but they bounce them because they are not qualified to carry out the tasks, they do not know the art of construction.”

This is the second mobilization carried out this week. The previous one was on Tuesday morning, as reported by this medium. On that occasion, the day of protest did not register incidents and the demonstrators shared a breakfast with the employees of the access guard to the petrochemical complex.

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