A “simulator” entered a house, the police arrived and he went to sleep

“The simulator”, who posed as a homeowner / the day

An unusual event took place in a house in Tolosa, where a 37-year-old man entered to steal, but when the police arrived he pretended to be the owner and went to sleep.

It all happened yesterday, minutes before 8 in the morning, in a house located in the 527 area, between 12 and 13.

According to police sources, the now detainee took advantage of the fact that the owner of the house was working, jumped over the wall and forced the door.

Once inside, the man began to search the house, with the aim of taking valuable items with him.

The criminal’s actions were frustrated thanks to a neighbor alerting 911 about the presence of a “strange” movement on the adjoining property.

Minutes later, when a mobile from the local Patrol Command and another from the sixth police station arrived at the home, the subject ran to one of the beds, lay down, covered up and pretended to be asleep to mislead the uniformed men.

The agents asked him several questions and noticed that he was very nervous. However, the man already had an excuse studied and assured them that he was the owner of the house.

The personnel of the Buenos Aires Police quickly noticed that it was the suspect and proceeded to arrest him.

Due to this, the troops inspected the place and it was observed that different appliances were hidden in the bathroom that the thief intended to steal.

The investigators verified, minutes after the fact, that the real owner was working when the intruder entered.

On the other hand, sources in the case reported that the subject lives on the same block as the victim, so the thief would be his own neighbor and knew his steps perfectly.

The 37-year-old man was transferred to the sixth police station and was charged with “robbery qualified by attempted burglary”, and disposition of the UFI in turn of La Plata.

Meanwhile, a 20-inch computer monitor and a stereo were seized and later returned to their owner.

An entrance a few blocks away

A month ago, a retired couple suffered a violent robbery in their home of 6 between 525 and 526.

That day, Ricardo (the 76-year-old victim) left Banco Nación and, without warning, a group of criminals followed in his footsteps for the three blocks that separate him from his home.

Minutes later, both Ricardo and his wife were at the mercy of three violent assailants. Retirees were subjected to harsh physical and psychological punishment that they will never forget.

The thieves handcuffed them, ransacked their house and took their $33,000 pension, their gold wedding rings and other valuables.

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