"A slap is a crime": Sandrine Rousseau wants Adrien Quatennens to withdraw from public life

According to her, the withdrawal of the rebellious deputy is necessary because politicians “must set an example (…) to the 230,000 women victims of domestic violence”.

It is a case that shakes to the left. The deputy of rebellious France Adrien Quatennens announced this Sunday, September 18 to put himself “withdrawn from his function of coordinator” of his party, acknowledging having slapped his wife, which resulted in the latter filing a handrail.

These revelations led to varied reactions within the Nupes. If Jean-Luc Mélenchon or Mathilde Panot hailed the “courageous” decision of Adrien Quatennens, others, like Sandrine Rousseau, adopt another point of view and wish to go further.

“I do not salute him, I rather salute the courage of Céline Quatennens”, she launched this Monday on the set of C À vous, on France 5.

“It is not possible”

“A slap is a crime,” recalls MP EELV. Therefore, according to her, it is “not possible” for Adrien Quatennens to continue in his political functions. “It is important for politicians to set an example,” she continues.

“He must withdraw from all public speech, it is not possible, he cannot be highlighted or put forward until the instruction is completed”, explains Sandrine Rousseau, adding that she does not does not wish to “prejudge” the court’s decision.

This withdrawal is necessary for Sandrine Rousseau because it is a “signal” sent to “230,000 women victims of domestic violence”.

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