– A society in shock and dismay

Late Wednesday night, the police confirmed that five people lost their lives and two people were injured after a Danish citizen attacked several people with, among other things, a bow and arrow.

The dead are four women and one man. All are aged 50-70 years.

Thursday morning, the inhabitants of Kongsberg wake up in grief.

– It is a society that is in shock and dismay at the tragic event that we had last night. It is not to be hidden, says mayor Kari Anne Sand (Sp) to TV 2.

The police know this about the perpetrator: – An acquaintance of the police

– Does not have a full overview

The mayor says there is still a certain unreal feeling that something like this could happen.

– From the municipality’s side, we try to follow up those who are affected. We do not have a full overview of identity, but we still have a crisis team and we have scheduled a relatives ‘reception and a relatives’ telephone, says Sand.

INVESTIGATIONS: The police are on guard and conducting investigations at the crime scenes in Kongsberg. Photo: Frode Sunde / TV 2

On behalf of the royal family, King Harald has sent a letter to the mayor of Kongsberg, in which he expresses his sympathy for what has happened.

“We are appalled by the tragic events at Kongsberg last night. We sympathize with the relatives and injured in the grief and despair. And we think of all those affected in Kongsberg who have experienced that their safe local environment suddenly became a dangerous place “, it says in the statement.

– Very grateful

Sand says she greatly appreciates the attention from the king.

– It is very nice, and we are very grateful. We will convey this to the inhabitants, says the SP mayor.

FLOWERS: The inhabitants have started laying flowers in Kongsberg.

FLOWERS: The inhabitants have started laying flowers in Kongsberg. Photo: Kenneth Fossheim / TV 2

At the same time as Kongsberg is in the middle of its worst crisis in a long time, Norway will get a new government. And Sand’s party leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum has contacted the mayor to hear how things are going.

– It was very good to talk to him. I really appreciated that. He wanted to hear what had happened, I told about what we did and how we experienced it. It was good to have that conversation, I must say, says Sand.

– Absolutely cruel

TV 2 has also spoken to one of the closest neighbors to the accused’s residence.

Liv Oline Røst says she does not know the man who lives there, but states that the police were at the scene last night.

TERRIBLE: Liv Oline Røst lives in the neighborhood.  She is strongly affected by what has happened.

TERRIBLE: Liv Oline Røst lives in the neighborhood. She is strongly affected by what has happened. Photo: Anna Myklebust Hodne / TV 2

– Suddenly I heard two helicopters. I just thought, “What is this all day?” When I looked out the window, the whole street was full of police cars, says Røst.

She is strongly influenced by what has happened.

– It’s absolutely cruel. I do not have words. I have been in contact with most of the neighbors. Now we can just stand together and take one day at a time, says Røst.

– It is natural to consider whether this is a terrorist act

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