A Spy × Family fan art shows us a unique version of the Forger Family

Spy × Family has won the hearts of a large number of fans around the world, and it is one of the most recognized anime franchises today. And, thanks to the premiere of a new episode, it seems that their community grows even more every week.

Something that has surprised us is that many artists have wanted to show their affection by making amazing tributes in the form of fan arts, so this time we can see in detail a version of the female character from Yor Briar, along with her family, and it is ready to take down anyone planning to harm them or any targets they have on their mission.

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Similarly, when we first saw her in action she gave us one of the best moments in the anime with Yor Briar killing everyone in her path, we could see how useful and sharp weapons are, this fan art has taken that moment in special and presents us with her truly determined to fulfill her mission, but to remain close to her family to take care of them.

Best of all, zumidraws wanted to immortalize this incredible assassin from Spy × Family, she made an illustration of Yor Briar in a more realistic drawing style, in which her striking curves and her clothing really stand out. He manages to steal everyone’s eyes.

In this illustration we can see her determined to protect her loved ones, so it is a fan art that will surprise all fans of Spy × Family, which despite being focused on Yor Briar, takes the opportunity to show us the entire Forger Family in a single take, taking into account that they still did not have their beloved pet.

We should mention that you can head over to his official Instagram account to see more of his amazing fan art. For those who are not into the anime and the female character of Yor Briar, we will tell you that: She is an employee of the Burlington City Council, but she is also an assassin under the name of Thorn Princess. She makes a deal with Loid Forger by pretending to be his wife and Anya’s mother to help him achieve her goal as well as hers.

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