A striker in January: 84% of readers think a graft is needed

The attack composed by Pellegri and Sanabria gives no guarantees. Readers vote 84% yes to the inclusion of a new tip

Just six goals in seven matches. An average that in this first part of the season is penalizing Toro and not a little. The company’s choice to fill the void left by Belotti with Pellegri and Sanabria is not currently bearing fruit. To say it are still the numbers, with the only Paraguayan to have scored goals from the strikers, even if it is only the one signed in the first round of the championship with Monza. Pellegri, despite the five million investment, is not too much involved by Juric, as demonstrated in the training choices with Sassuolo. Certainly not an encouraging start for a department forced to renew itself and for which the fans believe there is a need for further offensive weight, for someone to throw it in continuously. In the survey proposed by the editorial staff of Toro.it, the most voted option between the yes towards the purchase of a new striker, waiting for Pellegri and Sanabria and a categorical no, was the first. For 84% of voters, Taurus would need to insert a new element to be added in January. Therefore, a message to the management, in the response of a square that so far does not find itself fully in the company’s choice to focus on the two current points.

Antonio Sanabria and Pietro Pellegri

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