A technical bug disrupts Daily: Yann Barthès apologizes

This Thursday, November 25, the show Day-to-day was disturbed by a technical problem, a black screen interrupting the program for long seconds. Yann Barthès therefore wanted to explain and apologize.

These are the vagaries of the direct: it is sometimes accompanied by technical problems of varying degrees of importance. The TV news are thus regularly disturbed by bugs, which often destabilize the one who is in charge that day. Even if, by force, some news presenters have developed a certain reactivity which allows them to bounce back in the face of these unforeseen events. But the news is not the only victim of technology, talk shows and live entertainment are also entitled to their hiccups. And no channel is spared.

Day-to-day disturbed by a technical bug

This Thursday, November 25, is the’emission Day-to-day on TMC which derailed for a few seconds due to a technical problem. While Julien Bellver presented his column 19:30 Media, the screen suddenly froze before going black. A loss of sound and image that lasted for long seconds, before the show resumed as if nothing had happened. When the air came back after the advertisement, Yann Barthès still wanted to address the bug. “Just before handing you over Paul, we would like to apologize to you, even if we don’t have much to do with itthus launched the host. Mimicking the fact of leaning on his desk and then skidding, he then explains: “I think I had to press my elbow like that and suddenly it closed the antenna, it made the antenna black for almost 40 seconds on the boxes and the TNT.”

Yann Barthès apologizes

True to the spirit of Day-to-day, Yann Barthès and his chroniclers then choose to have fun with this quack. “It was 7:34 pm, during you Julien”, explains the host first, turning to Julien Bellver. Étienne Carbonnier then intervenes and jokes: “The best part!” Julien Bellver, for his part, quipped: “I think I was censored”. Grabbing the pole, the TMC presenter immediately drives home the point: “It was sabotage. I think people didn’t want to hear from Renaud Muselier so at the final control, they did it like that “, again mimicking his elbow, which leans on his desk and skids. “That’s right, right then”, laughs his columnist. Yann Barthès finally resumes his seriousness and concludes: “So we would like to apologize. We don’t have much to do with it, it was a technical problem “.

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