A trick to better search on Google becomes even more effective

Quoted search results now display more accurately on the Google search engine.

Everyone knows how to search on Google. Just go to the search engine, fill in your query, press “enter”, and voila, you’re done. And, of course, this method works. However, it is not always the most effective.

There are a whole bunch of tricks to do relevant searches on Google, which are still too often ignored. Among these tricks, the search in quotation marks is one of the most advantageous. Google announced on August 4, 2022 that it had just improved it and made it even more efficient.

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The results of searches with quotation marks are very different. // Source: Numerama screenshot

Google improves its quotes searches

Searches between quotation marks ” ” (Numerama uses French quotation marks, but English quotation marks also work) allow you to make a particular type of request on Google: these symbols are used to search for exact expressions.

Again, this may seem obvious: of course Google does exact searches. However, the search engine does not have the same way as us to apprehend the words and the sentences. To do a search containing an exact expression, and not each word separately, you must use the search between quotes. For example, the query “Numerama explains to you” will search for this specific phrase all over the web, while Numerama explains (without quotes) will display results for ” Numerama “+” you “+” Explain “.

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Google is changing the way it searches // Source: Nino Barbey for Numerama

So quoted searches are great for some purposes — and Google is going to make them even better. In a blog post published on August 4Yonghao Jin, a Google engineer, points out that the “ Text snippets we display with results (i.e., the text you see that describes the content) will focus around the part where the quoted phrase or words appear “. Concretely, the legible extract below the results will make it possible to better locate the position of the sentence on the site.

Thereby, ” you will be able to better identify where to find your search after clicking on the link continues Yonghao Jin. ” For searches performed from a computer, the search phrase will appear in bold – a measure that will not, however, be available for searches from a smartphone.

The search engine provided a visual example to show the novelty: in case you search for “ google search the snippet below the links now displays as below.

An example of enhanced search. // Source : Google

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