A whole year in one package: Pay once – surf and make calls for a year

14.10.2021 – 11:42

Tchibo GmbH

Hamburg (ots)

Tchibo MOBIL is launching its new annual package in good time for Christmas. At savings prices of 69 euros to 129 euros, it offers LTE data volumes of 1 to 6 GB per month for a year with a one-time payment. Including, of course, an SMS and telephony flat rate to all German networks as well as to other EU countries.

With annual packages, it depends on the details

Many providers sell a total volume of data that can be used within a year. The big disadvantage: Anyone who uses the data volume before the end of the year of use will no longer have any data volume available for the rest of the year. Tchibo MOBIL is different: the annual package from the Hamburg mobile communications pioneer is a 12-month package. Depending on the size, up to 6 GB of LTE data volume can be used every month – and all of this is available again in the following month. And those who spontaneously need more data volume can book it flexibly.

Everything under control with the annual package

True to the motto “Everything under control”, there are no hidden costs with the annual package from Tchibo MOBIL. The SIM card is also included free of charge for everyone who is not yet a Tchibo MOBIL customer. The annual package expires automatically at the end of the year of use. If you want, you can then buy a new annual package and extend it in this way. The phone number can still be used. Alternatively, you can switch to one of the attractive Tchibo MOBIL smartphone tariffs.

The new annual package will be available from October 18, 2021 and can be ordered in the three sizes S (12 GB or 1 GB per month, 69 EUR), M (42 GB or 3.5 GB per month, 99 EUR) and L (72 GB per month) GB or 6 GB per month, 129 EUR).

All benefits at a glance

  • Tchibo MOBIL annual package available from October 18, 2021
  • Pay once and use it for 12 months
  • No automatic renewal
  • Can be continued after the 12 months if desired
  • The phone number can still be used after it has expired
  • 3 package sizes to choose from
  • Annual package S with 12 GB or 1 GB per month: 69 EUR
  • Annual package M with 42 GB or 3.5 GB per month: EUR 99
  • Annual package L with 72 GB or 6 GB per month: 129 EUR
  • Additional data volume can be booked flexibly
  • SIM card free of charge
  • Allnet, SMS and Internet flat rate
  • Make calls, surf the web and write SMS in other EU countries at domestic conditions

All details and information about the Tchibo mobil tariffs can be found at: www.tchibo.de/mobil

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