A woman remains in critical condition after dismissal in Iguazú

Thursday, November 25, 2021 | 9:06 am.

Three of the occupants of the Corsa car that collided with a pole of the electric power distribution network in Puerto Iguazú have already been discharged, according to the health sources consulted to El Territorio. It was detailed that two of them registered minor injuries and one of the young women – who returned home on Tuesday – will have to live with a probe for several months.

Regarding the two people who are under the care of the doctors at the local hospital, one is an 18-year-old who has several fractures. There is also a patient in critical condition, with a reserved prognosis. He presents a fracture of seven ribs, two cervical and clavicle, among other injuries.

According to what was reconstructed by sources that intervened in the case, the serious road accident was registered around 5.45 in the morning on Sunday, on República Argentina avenue, a few meters from the intersection with Salto Bosetti street, in the Industrial neighborhood. from the City of Waterfalls.

The car was circulating in this area until, for reasons that are a matter of investigation, its driver lost control of the road and after crossing the lane ended up crashing into a concrete light pole.

The first to go to the scene were the Volunteer Firefighters of Iguazú, who found two of the victims outside the shooting and three others trapped inside the cabin. “Two of them got out of the vehicle by their own means, the others had to be extracted by the personnel who came to the place with a rescue unit,” Walter Bareiro, second head of the active force, told El Territorio.

Hours later, videos emerged where it was established that it was the neighbors who took the wounded out when the professionals arrived.

After the opening of the activities and an almost normalized routine, in Puerto Iguazú there are at least two minor accidents per day and the majority involve motorcyclists. That is why they are analyzing the possibility of implementing speed bumps at the request of neighbors. In addition to greater control on public roads.

Sunday’s road accident revealed the recklessness of drivers who, many of them under the influence of alcohol – due to excessive consumption – put their lives and that of others at risk. That is why the Municipal Traffic Directorate announced that it is working on the signaling and identification of critical areas for the placement of speed reducers.

Nicolás López, its director, told The territory: “As for serious road accidents, they generally occur outside the inspectors’ working hours and in different parts of the city. For human faults, recklessness, for not respecting the laws in force on traffic matters ”.

For this reason, it is not ruled out that the Misiones Police will re-implement the breathalyzer controls at the exit of the dance venues.

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