A year training integral women in Yucatan

In the last year, Fundación Mujer Integral has worked to support dozens of Yucatecans in their business sphere, but also in their personal development, for which they will celebrate by holding a series of workshops and conferences that will take place in Mérida on November 30, said María José Leal, president of the group.

A year training integral women in Yucatan

Let’s Celebrate Fundación Mujer Integral Meetings

What is this event about?

We want to commemorate our first year anniversary, the event as such is called Let’s Celebrate Together in a Small Talks format.

Those who participate?

We are going to have business allies, also human development allies and from the holistic and spiritual part they will be accompanying us, to share, celebrate and motivate the women of our community and those who want to join us.

How many women make up your community?

We have approximately 200+ women who have currently taken our workshops, listened to us, been part of our community, and been present at our events.

What will these workshops include?

The attendees will have the opportunity to listen live, from our speakers, their experience, their path, their transformation process and what has allowed them to be the leaders they are today, basically that is what the entire event will be about.

When will they take place?

Celebremos Juntas will be held within the framework of our first anniversary on November 30 at 6:30 in the afternoon, in the Auditorium of the Olimpo Cultural Center. Space is limited and to attend you can register through our social networks.

How did this organization come about?

We started working in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, because we detected that there was a very important need for women, especially in the business area, women who were uncertain about starting their businesses.

How was the reception among the community?

It was precisely this need that helped women entrepreneurs welcome us with open arms, because many times you may have doubts and need advice that we give through our workshops, talks, and events.

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What was that support they needed?

Many times they need issues such as the scope and approaches with institutions and authorities that can help boost their businesses or channel them to the part of a better well-being.

What do you most request help with?

In the business part, how to be formal and issues related to credit and financing, while in the human development part they always look for a community, a group that can shelter them, that can sustain and guide them, as a support network.

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