A young man from La Plata lost control of his car, collided with a column and is serious

A violent clash was recorded in the last hours in Abasto and a 27-year-old fights for his life. The event occurred in 520 and 197, due to circumstances that are still under investigation, but what is known is that the car involved was destroyed and the driver is hospitalized in serious condition.

The violent impact occurred around 3 in the morning when the driver of a ford escort lost control went off the road and crashed into one of the public lighting columns of the artery.

The consequences were the almost total destruction of the car, which was practically split in the middle, and the serious injuries to the driver, who had to be taken to the Alejandro Korn hospital in Melchor Romero, where he was treated by doctors on duty. According to the first medical reports, the young man underwent surgery and was referred in serious condition to the intensive care unit.

Meanwhile, experts from the Scientific Police worked at the scene trying to determine the mechanics of the accident.

The accident led to the opening of a case for “accidental injuries” and is being processed by the UFI 12 of Guilty Crimes. Although no hypothesis is ruled out, since a possible crash or the participation of another car are evaluated, the main suspicion is that there were no other vehicles involved.

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