A young woman dies in Iran after being arrested for wearing the veil wrong; protests break out

Tehran, Iran.- This Saturday the 22-year-old girl was buried Mahsa Aminiwho died of serious injuries sustained after being arrested last Tuesday by the Greater Tehran Morale Policeapparently for not wearing the veil properly.

Amini was transferred to a hospital already in a coma the day of her arrest after “suffering a heart attack”, according to the police versionand finally passed away on Friday due to the severity of his injuries.


Thousands of people attended the woman’s funeral in her hometown, Aychi, in the Saghez region, in Iranian Kurdistan in the northwest of the country, according to the Iranian news agency IRNA. Family members and neighbors as well as authorities from the Saghez region were present at the event.

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$!Amini was transferred to a hospital already in a coma the day of her arrest

Amini was transferred to a hospital already in a coma the day of her arrest

This case would have provoked spontaneous protests on Friday and videos of people chanting phrases such as “Death to the dictator!” referring to the supreme ayatollah, Ali Khameneior drivers honking their horns as the Kasri Hospital of Tehran where Amini died.


Amini was arrested in Tehran when she was with her brother for wearing an “improper” hijab or Islamic headscarf. The intervention is attributed to agents of the Guidance Patrol either Morale Policeresponsible for ensuring that dress standards are respected, which usually results in the arrest of women, although some men have also been arrested.

The Morale Police showed security camera footage of the moment the woman entered the police station, according to IRNA. In addition, he assured that according to a first investigation “There was no physical contact with her either in the car or on location.”

Media like newspaper Etemadrelated to the reformist currents, echoed the news, but so did the official Fars news agency, dependent on the Revolutionary Guard Iranian, elite military and ideological body of the regime of the Islamic Republic.


Fars even published an open petition for signatures asking “end the unwritten law of compulsory wearing of hijab” Y “An Inquiry into the Causes of Mahsa Amini’s Death”. The media also assures that both high authorities, starting with the Iranian president, Ebrahim Raisi, ordered an investigation “thorough and urgent” of what happened.

“It’s gone… It’s gone,” Mahsa Amini’s mother lamented this Saturday in statements to the press, according to the Human Rights Watch human rights organization. The family was informed that the woman was transferred to a police station in La Moral to “an education and orientation class”.

After two hours of waiting in front of the Moral Police station, her brother discovered that the woman had been taken by ambulance to a hospital. At that time he and other witnesses could hear screams and several women who came out of the place said that “He has killed someone.”


This is not the first such incident. In July, a police officer arrested a woman who was harassed, beaten and recorded for breaking the unwritten rule on the hijab. She was taken to hospital with internal bleeding and later forced to apologize publicly on state television.

“For a woman to die after being arrested for how she was dressed is proof of unacceptable depravity. A transparent investigation is absolutely necessary, that those responsible for Mahsa’s death are properly held accountable and that the family receives reparation.” HRW asked in a statement.

The group also asks “the abolition of the law on compulsory hijab” and other norms that deprive women of their autonomy and rights.


Amnesty International also called “criminally investigate the accusations of torture and other ill-treatment in custody (…). All responsible agents and authorities must be brought to justice.”

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