A43: Complete closure of the A43 between Herne and Recklinghausen

The A43 will be closed at the weekend due to construction work between Herne and Recklinghausen. All information about the blocking and where the diversion leads from.

Due to the construction of a new railway bridge, which runs parallel to Cranger Stra├če to the south of the Herne motorway junction, the A43 has to be completely closed again between Recklinghausen and Herne for the coming weekend. This was announced by Autobahn Westfalen in a statement.

Herne: Blocking of the A43 due to the railway bridge

The closure will begin at 9pm on Friday 23 September and end at 5am on Monday 26 September. It is scheduled between Kreuz Recklinghausen and Herne-Eickel in both directions. During this period, it is not possible to drive from the A42 in the Herne junction to the A43 in the direction of Wuppertal, in addition to the existing closures on the connections in the direction of Recklinghausen, according to the message.

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The large-scale diversion runs via the A40, the A45 and the A2. The closure is necessary because the Deutsche Bahn railway bridge is being pushed to its final position. The Westphalia autobahn is using the closure to carry out other necessary work on the route.

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